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2021’s Most Popular Colour Schemes For Kids Bedrooms

Although you might not realise it, decorating a child’s bedroom is a task which is easier said than done. Unfortunately, the abundance of options that you can choose from can be more of a curse than a blessing; if you are limited on time, you might struggle to narrow down your choices to one that you consider to be perfect. Here at Nubie, we are dedicated to making your journey one that is smooth-and-seamless - it is for this reason that we have put together a guide on this year’s most popular colour schemes.

Baby Blue

When you first find out that you’re expecting a new addition to the family, you will be presented with a choice; namely, as to whether or not you want to learn the sex of the baby. If you do, and you learn that it is a boy that is on the way, it is understandable that you might like to lean to more traditional colour choices. In instances such as these, we guarantee that you will be beaming from ear-to-ear if you opt to buy baby blue. Also referred to as cerulean blue, your kid’s room will be transformed once the project is complete.


If you have had children in the past, you will already be well-aware of the fact that as they get older, they will not be able to resist drawing on the wall. Therefore, a solution to this potential problem is to utilise your wall as a make-shift chalkboard. Rather than stick to a single colour, this can give your child the opportunity to indulge their creative side. Not only this, but it will not damage your walls, meaning that when the time comes to move on you won’t have to disclose any underlying faults to prospective buyers.


Should you want to create something of a blank canvas within your child’s room, so that you can continue to explore different avenues of interior design, you could do a lot worse than to use beige as your paint of choice. The reason for this is that it will not negatively impact any further decorative decisions that you choose to make. You will be able to hang artistic pieces and family portraits on the wall, without having your colour scheme blemish the overall impact that these additions will have.


We have already mentioned the fantastic way in which you can use stereotypical colours within a baby’s bedroom; however, it would be wrong of us to include blue on this list, without also focussing our attention on pink. When the light shines on a glossy pink wall, you are able to generate a positive atmosphere which resonates throughout. This is not an effect that you want to pass on without a second thought; sometimes, the simplicity of a base colour such as this is more desirable than the complex designs that you can find within children’s wallpaper catalogues.

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