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6 Unique Beds for Kids That Will Make Bedtime More Interesting

1: Tree House Bunk Bed with Slide

This treehouse bunk bed by Mathy By Bols is one of the most exciting beds for young children. The bed is designed like a wooden cabin, with the upper cabin featuring a ladder, and perhaps the most exciting feature, a slide down! The bottom bunk can be used for sleepovers, or if you have two children, this is a great bed for siblings — although there may be some quarrelling over who gets the top bunk! As if this bunk bed wasn’t cool enough, it also comes in 19 different colours, so you can choose your children’s favourite or a shade that matches the design of your children’s room.

2: Willy’s Jeep Bed

If your little one loves cars, this could be their dream bed. With Willy’s Jeep Bed, children can sleep inside their very own car. This bed fits a standard single mattress and you can choose whether the bed comes painted or unpainted. Choosing unpainted gives you the freedom to paint the bed with your child and unleash your creativity. Painted beds, on the other hand, come beautifully decorated in Jeep green, with realistic details. 

3: Hangout Loft Bed

The Hangout Loft Bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms combines an exciting bed and a play den in one design. This bed takes the form of a miniature house, with the top of the house — the “loft” area — holding a 90x200cm mattress. The loft also features a mini dormer window so children can peep out. The bottom of the Hangout features a play area with a door and two windows. A bonus of this bed is it’s made using wood from a sustainable pine forest, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly children’s bed, this is the one for you. 

4: London Bus Bunk Bed

The London Bus Bunk Bed is a fun bed for siblings to share, and it’s also super cosy! Designed like a traditional London bus, kids can crawl into bed after entering through the door at the back of the bus. This bus bed comes painted in a bright red (just like a real London bus!), or it can come unpainted if you want to decorate it yourself. 

5: Campervan Bay Bunk Bed

Another bed that’s perfect for siblings is the Campervan Bunk Bed. This bed is — you guessed it — designed like a VW campervan. One bed is on the roof of the camper, and the other is inside the van. To reach the top bunk, children need to climb up the ladder designed like a surfboard leaning against the van. The bottom bunk features a wooden sliding door, so children can get a feel for the campervan lifestyle by closing the door and peeking out of the windows. This bed is a fantastic choice for beach babies and children who’ve already developed wanderlust. 

6: Handcrafted Cabin Tent Bed

For children who love the outdoors, this handcrafted cabin tent bed gives children the chance to experience camping from the warmth and safety of the indoors, with all of their home comforts. It may not be the same as sleeping out under the stars, but it’s the next best thing! And you can always create a starry scene for your little one by combining this tent bed with starry wall stickers. The “tent” features cloth sidewalls, which open up as a canopy, held up by two poles, or can close to create a den-like bed. It also comes in 25 different colours, so you can choose a colour that suits your children’s bedroom.

These are just six of our most exciting beds — there’s more to be discovered! So if you’re looking for more unique beds for kids, check out all of our themed children’s beds.

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