A child pointing at a luxury bunk bed in a kids bedroom

A Complete Guide To Luxury Designer Beds For Kids At Every Age

There is no denying that children need to get a good night's sleep each night, and going to sleep is a huge part of their daily routine. This is from when they are first born, right through to when they're teenagers. Of course, getting a little one to sleep isn’t always easy and you will undeniably want to do all you can to encourage them to sleep. Often, the bed that they have can make a huge difference in this regard, so you want to ensure that you make the right furniture choices. Nowadays, there is such a vast selection of kids beds online and you’re likely to be spoilt for choice. So, to help any parents trying to navigate the vast selection of beds that they have to choose from, our team here at Nubie have put together a complete guide to luxury designer beds for kids of all ages. Hopefully, this can help you choose the very best option for your little one’s bedroom.

Bunk bed

This sleeping solution has been incredibly popular for many years now and it works well for lots of different ages. As you’re probably already aware, bunk beds allow you to have two beds in the space of one. You can get everything from mini bunk beds to double bed bunk beds and there is a huge range of unique, classic and fun designs to choose from.

Loft bed

Also known as a high sleeper, this type of bed is a brilliant choice, especially for older children. Often, they are chosen for smaller bedrooms and they allow you to make the most of the space you have. From loft beds with desks and shelving underneath to semi-high sleepers with den space underneath, there is something for everyone. 

Trundle bed

These beds are perfect for early childhood and you can guarantee that it is a great toddler bed. A trundle bed is another bed that is stored under a normal bed, they can easily be rolled out as and when they’re needed. Lots of beds have optional trundles and they are perfect for sleepovers and handy to have if your little one is poorly or struggling to sleep independently.

Day bed

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sleeping solution for your children as they get a little bit older then this type of bed is brilliant. Day beds are often single beds or small doubles and are used as beds as well as somewhere to lounge, with a few scatter cushions they look similar to sofas. You can make a bedroom the perfect place to relax at all times of the day with this bed.

Themed beds

You can now get lots of adorable beds that are designed to spark children’s imaginations. If you’re looking for something really unique then this is the category you will want to explore. Whether your little one would like a cabin tent bed, a jeep bed or even a play tower bed, you will have lots of amazing options to choose from.

Poster bed

Whilst this type of bed might not necessarily seem like it belongs in a children’s bedroom, you can get some incredible poster beds that are specially designed for little ones. From princess beds for preschoolers to chic minimalistic beds for teenagers, they really shouldn’t be overlooked for kids rooms. 

Choosing a luxury designer bed for your kids

All in all, there are so many amazing kids beds to choose from these days and you can guarantee that there is the perfect solution available for your children’s room. Using the information mentioned above and additional factors such as space availability, personal preference and current age, you should find it much easier to find a kids bed online that is perfect for your child. When looking for luxury designer beds for kids, be sure to visit the Nubie website. We cover all of the categories mentioned above and have a vast selection of children’s beds for you to choose from, all of which are designed by independent brands. Here at Nubie, we are the home of modern and luxurious children’s furniture, and you can trust that any bed you purchase from us will be made with quality and longevity in mind. Treat your little one to a luxury bed, which will become their dream bed, today.

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