Accessories to Elevate a Nursery Interior Design

Accessories to Elevate a Nursery Interior Design

Designing a nursery for your little one is an enjoyable project. You have the opportunity to create a beautiful space where they will sleep, learn and grow, and there are so many lookbooks to explore for some nursery ideas and inspiration. When designing a nursery that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional with nursery storage, choosing the right pieces of furniture is key.

From a cosy cot and a comfortable rocking chair to a convenient changing table, several pieces of nursery decor and furniture will help you to create the perfect baby's room. Whilst there is no denying that these main pieces of furniture are important, it’s often the smaller details that can truly elevate the space. It can be easy to overlook accessories but they can have more of an impact on your nursery design than you may realise.

Below we have delved into the world of nursery ideas, nursery accessories and explored how they can improve your child's room. We have listed some of our favourite accessories for some inspiration too.

How Accessories Impact Nursery Interior Design

The contemporary nursery ideas and accessories you choose for your little one’s own nursery can have a big impact on the overall interior design. These finishing touches can add character and charm to the space, and they can personalise the baby room for your little one. The right accessories will tie all of the other design elements together and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Using accessories in nursery ideas design is a great way to add pops of colour or pattern to the space too. They can add contrast and depth, and create a more visually pleasing environment. They can also make the baby room more comforting and inviting, and help to turn the nursery into a space that you enjoy spending time in with your little one.

Lots of accessories and other nursery ideas can also help to stimulate your newborn’s senses and spark their curiosity. Adding sensory stimulation to the interior design can help to support growth and development in the first few months and years of life. There are so many neutral nursery ideas that can benefit more than just the look and feel of the baby room.

Ultimately, the right accessories can transform a simple nursery ideas into a nurturing environment for your little one. They play a big role in interior design and they shouldn’t be an afterthought. Taking the time to find the right accessories for nursery interior design can help you to create the perfect nursery theme that you’ve always dreamed of for your baby.

Beautiful Accessories for a Baby’s Nursery

Here at Nubie, we stock a huge range of interior decor items. No matter what style you choose for your baby’s nursery or what theme you have in mind, we will have the perfect finishing touches for the space. Some popular accessories for nursery interiors include;

  • Wall Art

From watercolour prints of animals to whimsical illustrations or meaningful quotes, wall art adds a splash of colour and personality to the nursery. Whether you hang art by itself or group pieces together to create a gallery wall, wall prints, posters and art can enhance the interior design. You can choose nursery pictures that compliments your nursery's colour scheme or opt for something contrasting to make a design statement.

  • Rugs and Playmats

A plush, comfortable rug can tie together various design elements in a modern nursery and provide a soft landing for those first, wobbly steps. There are lots of stunning materials, colours and shapes to choose from, and there is a solution for every sized nursery. In addition to rugs, playmats are a great addition to a baby room. They provide a comfortable surface for babies to play, crawl and explore, and are perfect for tummy time.

  • Lighting

Good lighting is crucial in any nursery theme. A soft-glowing nightlight can provide comfort during the night, while a beautiful lamp adds a touch of style and provides ample light for late-night feeds or bedtime stories. The right lighting can help to create a calming atmosphere too and help your little one to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Cot Mobiles

Hanging a mobile over your little one’s cot is a great source of visual stimulation for your baby and it can also be a decorative addition to your nursery interior design. An engaging mobile that features lots of different colours, patterns and shapes can add visual interest to the nursery and it’s a beautiful accessory for your newborn.

  • Shelving

Incorporating shelving into your little one’s nursery not only offers practical storage but can also become a design feature. It can help to keep your baby room tidy and clutter-free, and enables you to take advantage of vertical wall space. You can display lots of decorative items on shelving too, from books to toys, and it’s easy to update these as your baby’s interests change.

  • Soft Furnishings

The soft furnishings that you order for your baby’s nursery can also help to elevate the interior design. From cot bumpers and blankets to cushions and sleeping bags, all of these bedding items can add colour and texture to the space. They will help to create a sense of cosiness and turn the nursery into a baby's room that you love spending time in.

  • Storage Baskets

When you’re trying to keep a nursery organised, stylish storage baskets can be incredibly useful. They provide you with somewhere to keep toys as well as nappies and other baby essentials. There are lots of coloured and patterned storage baskets to choose from, and you can purchase some that perfectly complement the style or theme of the nursery.

Creating a Timeless Nursery Interior Design

There is no denying that accessorising your nursery can truly elevate its design and you shouldn’t overlook these finishing touches. Not only will accessories help to create a more visually pleasing environment, but they can also enhance the functionality and comfort of the space, ensuring it's a perfect haven for your little one to thrive. You can have so much fun choosing accessories for your baby’s nursery too.

Here at Nubie, we are known for our emphasis on style and quality, and we have a breathtaking selection of decor items to choose from. On our website, you will find a collection of nursery ideas and accessories from leading independent designers and we can help you to create a bedroom that is perfect for your newborn. To see some beautiful pieces in person, visit our little showroom in East Sussex the perfect spot for browsing nursery ideas. We love greeting customers and helping expecting parents find the accessories that will tie their nursery design together. We look forward to meeting you.