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Beautiful Wall Decor Ideas For Children's Rooms

Whenever you redecorate your little one’s bedroom, it goes without saying that one of the first things you will think about is the colour scheme. It is becoming increasingly common for parents to opt for neutral colour palettes when decorating their child’s bedroom and there are numerous benefits to doing so. Two of the most worthwhile noting being; you won’t have to completely redecorate when the room needs a revamp and you have the perfect base for any design.

When opting for a neutral colour scheme, building upon the basic colouring is really important to bring the room to life and to create an amazing space for your little one. Thankfully, nowadays, there are a number of different wall decor items that are perfect for children’s rooms and you can easily transform a lifeless base into a fun space full of personality. If you’re looking for some wall decor inspiration for your child’s room, below are some brilliant ideas to consider.

Children’s wallpaper

This is one of the easiest ways to transform the look of a child’s room and you can even just have one feature wall. There are so many different types of children’s wallpaper on the market, so no matter what style you’re going for, it is easily achievable. You can also get children’s wallpaper with prints to match their hobbies and interests too, so they will love this wall decor.

Children’s wall art

When looking for something that is easy to both install and also change as your little one grows up, wall art is a brilliant choice. There are a number of beautiful framed prints to choose from and of course, you can simply swap the print inside the frame whenever you fancy a change. Children’s room wall art is probably the most flexible option to consider.

Children’s wall stickers

Instead of children’s wallpaper, you have the option to use wall stickers instead. As the name suggests, these are prints that will simply stick to the painted wall and they will instantly lift the current decor. Wall stickers can be placed wherever you like in the room and depending on the stickers you choose, you may even want to use them on multiple different walls.

Children’s animal wall heads

Lots of parents have animals at the heart of their child’s interior design and it is often a brilliant choice for all children’s rooms. When going for an animal theme, you can purchase some 3D animal wall heads which are an incredibly unique wall decor item. Not only do these soft animal heads look great, but some come with hooks too, so they’re convenient for storage as well.

Children’s mirrors

It isn’t uncommon for people to overlook putting mirrors in children’s rooms, but they are a brilliant wall decor item to consider. You can make a playful display with different shaped mirrors or choose one big statement mirror, either way, they can make a big difference to the look of a plain wall. They are definitely worth considering when thinking about wall decor options.

Children’s wall lighting

When thinking of lighting, many think of a ceiling lighting fixture or a lamp, yet you can also use lighting for decor too. You can easily use shaped LED lights or even a string of fairy lights to brighten up your neutral walls and children’s lighting can be really creative. Of course, if your little one is scared of the dark, this can be helpful at nighttime too.

Adding to your child’s interior design

All in all, there is no denying that all of the different wall decor ideas mentioned above are perfect for a little one’s room and they really can help you to create an amazing space. Of course, depending on your child’s interests and the other plans you already have for the room, you may find that some of these wall decor ideas are more suitable than others and you always have the option to combine some of them too. The choice is entirely yours.

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