Boutique children's bedding

Boutique Children’s Bedding You Shouldn’t Overlook

Arguably, some of the best parts of a home improvement project are the finishing touches and when you’re redesigning your child’s bedroom, it is likely that you will get excited by purchasing things like bedding and accessories. These are the little things that will bring the whole room together and they are much less stressful to purchase as well. When you’re shopping for boutique children’s bedding, thankfully, there is a brilliant range of duvet sets to choose from and you really will be spoilt for choice. Selecting the perfect colour and pattern for your little one can actually be quite fun and you will likely find a number of different designs that you love. To help get you started, we have looked into some of our favourite children’s lifestyle designers with brilliant duvet sets you shouldn’t overlook.

Cam Cam Copenhagen duvet sets

Cam Cam Copenhagen is known for creating good quality products that don’t fall short on design and it is a brilliant brand to turn to for any bedroom essentials. The duvet sets Cam Cam Copenhagen design are very traditional and they will definitely stand the test of time. Many Cam Cam Copenhagen products feature the same colours and patterns too, enabling you to match many of the items throughout your child’s bedroom.

Studio Ditte duvet sets

Studio Ditte is a Dutch brand and it specialises in decor items like wallpaper and bedding. You can guarantee that Studio Ditte duvet sets will be a big hit with your child and they feature prints like animals, cars, planes, rockets and trucks. No matter what theme you choose for your child’s interior decor, you will be able to find a duvet set from Studio Ditte that complements the rest of the bedroom.

Hibou Home duvet sets

Hibou Home is a popular brand amongst parents who are looking for contemporary and sophisticated products for their child’s bedroom. Hibou Home duvet sets are very minimalistic in design and they are perfect for children of any age. All of the Hibou Home duvet sets are also made from 100% organic cotton, so you can trust that they will be really comfortable, soft and cosy for your child.

Ferm Living duvet sets

Ferm Living is a Danish brand and it uses traditional Scandinavian design fused together with designs from all over the world to create stylish products. The duvet sets designed by Ferm Living are ideal for both girls and boys bedrooms, and they come in their own cotton bag so you can store them away neatly. Using large-scale repeat motifs that are richly detailed, Ferm Living duvet sets are stunning.

Majvillan duvet sets

Majvillan is a Swedish brand that creates beautiful decor items for family homes and the duvet sets Majvillan design feature classic prints and elegant illustrations. The colours selected for the duvet sets all work perfectly together too and they will easily complement the other colours used throughout your child’s bedroom. Majvillan duvet sets are all incredibly soft and perfect for snuggling into at night.

Nobodinoz duvet sets

Nobodinoz is a brand that focuses on quality materials and they design products that can be passed down through generations. Nobodinoz duvet sets feature delicate patterns and prints, and they aren’t too overwhelming in design. Many of the most popular duvet sets by Nobodinoz feature gold stars and dots scattered over a pale coloured background, and this is undeniably a brilliant design for a child’s bedroom.

Purchasing boutique children’s bedding

All in all, there is no denying that all of these designers are worth looking into in more detail when purchasing boutique children’s bedding and any of their duvet sets are perfect for your little one’s bedroom. Of course, once you have chosen the perfect duvet set, you then have the fun job of purchasing blankets, quilts and throw cushions as well. If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase boutique children’s bedding, the Nubie website is the place to be. We stock a wide variety of products, including but not limited to; duvet sets, blankets and cushions, and you will find items from a selection of incredible European and English designers on our online store, including those mentioned above. It is worth noting that all of the duvet sets we sell are made from Eco-tex cotton, ensuring they’re not only kind on your little one’s skin, but that they’re kind to the planet too.

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