brilliant accesories for contemporary kids

Brilliant Accessories For Contemporary Kids’ Bedrooms

There is no denying that a new bedroom isn’t complete without accessories. Whilst there are a number of different things to take into consideration when designing a beautiful modern space for your kids, you shouldn’t forget about the finishing touches. After all, it is the accessories that turn a well-decorated room into a cosy haven that your little ones love to spend time in. There is such a huge range of bedroom accessories on the market for kids’ rooms and you won’t struggle to find the perfect items to complement the interior design. To help any parents who are wondering which accessories are best for contemporary kids’ bedrooms, below we have put together a list of our favourite must-have items that will help to ensure your little ones’ newly decorated room finally feels finished.

Wall art

Generally speaking, lots of parents will opt for neutral coloured walls in their kids’ bedrooms nowadays and simply hanging some wall art can add visual interest to the room. From simple prints to 3D animal heads, there is a piece of wall art for every contemporary kids’ bedroom and you can make as much of a statement as you’d like with this accessory. Even if you have one or two walls wallpapered in the bedroom, you can still use wall art to add some fun to the space.

Floor cushions

More often than not, you can expect to find scatter cushions on the bed in little ones’ rooms, however, you can also purchase bigger floor cushions too and these are a brilliant addition to any kids’ bedroom. These cushions are similar to beanbags in the fact that they are perfect for creating cosy reading areas and providing another place to relax in the room. Floor cushions come in all shapes and sizes, and there is something for everyone.


It isn’t uncommon for parents to use hardwood flooring in their kids’ bedrooms and not only does this provide a contemporary feel, but it is more child-friendly too. Laying a rug is the best way to add some colour and personality to this flooring, and it will be easy to find a rug that ties in well with the rest of the decor in the room. Depending on the size of the room, you might even want to use a rug to create different zones, for example, a small play area in the bedroom.

Soft toy bags

Rather than using traditional wooden toy boxes in a contemporary kids’ bedroom, you have the option to use soft toy bags instead. These bags will still help you to keep your little ones’ room tidy and clutter-free, but they won’t take up as much floor space and they can easily be moved around the room. There are a number of fun and quirky designs to choose from as well, so soft toy bags are ideal for any stylish kids’ bedroom.

Night lights

Almost all bedrooms will have one main light, but you might want to consider adding some additional lighting to your kids’ bedroom. Night lights are perfect for kids’ rooms and they are a brilliant alternative to bedside lamps. Not only will night lights help little ones who are scared of the dark, but they come in a range of different designs, so they can be cute little ornaments as well. You could even get a couple of different night lights and style them together.

Designing a contemporary kids’ bedroom for your little ones

Regardless of how big your kids’ bedroom may be or what theme you have gone for with your decor, it is fair to say that all of the accessories mentioned above will add the finishing touches to the space. Creating the perfect contemporary kids’ room couldn’t be easier when you start accessorising in the right way and you really shouldn’t overlook these smaller items. When purchasing accessories that work well with your kids’ bedroom design, be sure to explore the rest of the Nubie website. As a modern children’s boutique, you can trust that we will have a number of stylish accessories for you to choose from and within our collection of design-led luxury items, you will find accessories from a range of leading independent designers from across the world. Why not visit our East Sussex showroom to see some of these incredible items in person? We will gladly show you around.

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