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Cam Cam Copenhagen Products That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Thinking of renovating your child’s current bedroom set-up, but can’t decide on a particular manufacturer to put your faith into? Want to purchase an array of products that are not only functional, but also aesthetically-pleasing to look at? If either of these questions prompted a positive response from you, Nubie is pleased to point you in the direction of the solution. Cam Cam Copenhagen have a reputation that is, in a word, immaculate, and it is for this reason that we are thrilled to be able to showcase this year’s products that are must-haves.

Play Kitchen

As we are sure you will already be aware, children love to make-believe; their imagination is incredible, and it is truly wonderful to watch them enact the scenarios that they come up with in their heads. If you want to encourage this type of behaviour, now may be the perfect time to purchase Cam Cam Copenhagen’s Play Kitchen. Whether you elect to place this in the bedroom or another living area, you can be rest-assured that your child will get the use out of it.

Silicone Bib

Although you might not view this as a particularly glamorous choice of product to buy, the fact of the matter is that if you were to invest in the Silicone Bib from Cam Cam Copenhagen, your life will be made significantly easier. Whenever you are trying to get your young child to eat their dinner, this can save you having to clear up the messy remains. The material that is used here is also something that should catch your eye - silicone can be wiped down in a matter of seconds, and subsequently look as good as new.

Alphabet Poster

If you have put a large amount of effort into decorating your child’s bedroom, you might be rather loath to cover it up with additional accessories. That being said, the addition of an Alphabet Poster wouldn’t go amiss. This has been created by Cam Cam Copenhagen to try and help with your child’s learning of their letters. In the long-run, you may be thankful that you opted to put this on the wall, as it might pay dividends.

Rabbit Basket

In times gone by, people tended to believe that storage products were something of a necessary evil; although they appreciated the impact they could have, they were not enamoured with their visuals. This has certainly changed in recent years, and a prime example is the Rabbit Basket that has been released by Cam Cam Copenhagen. If you were to put this in the corner of your baby’s bedroom, you can consider it to be the best place to put worn clothes that are waiting to be washed. It is an excellent purchase for those of you that like for things to be kept clean and tidy.

Check Out Our Options

It should be evident, then, that Cam Cam Copenhagen is a brand that deserves to be taken seriously. For almost ten years, this is a company that has become renowned for its ability to produce artistic products that will look at-home in any baby’s bedroom. The patterns that can be found throughout their various ranges can only be described as being exceptional - it is not difficult to see the hard work and dedication that is invested into each and every one of their innovations. Here at Nubie, we are proud to be able to stock so many of their first-class options, and we would love to help anyone that is interested in placing an order. Why not send our team a message today at and see how we can be of assistance?

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