Childrens Decor Ideas For A Feature Wall

Children’s Decor Ideas For A Feature Wall 

When they’re redecorating their child’s bedroom, it is becoming increasingly common for parents to opt for a natural colour scheme. The Scandinavian style is soaring in popularity and there are so many benefits to keeping the decor in a child’s bedroom minimalistic. That being said, you may find that plain neutral walls are slightly boring for a toddler or even a teen. Thankfully, a feature wall is the perfect solution in this regard and it can help to make Scandi style children’s bedrooms more interesting. There are lots of different ways that you can create a feature wall using children’s decor items and you don’t need to be a professional decorator to do so. Below are some different ideas to consider when you’re wanting to bring some life into your child’s room and make it somewhere they love to spend time.

Wallpaper a singular feature wall

Simply wallpapering one of the walls in your child’s bedroom will instantly create a stand-out feature wall. Wallpapering is one of the most traditional ways to create a feature wall and it is a great alternative to using a different coloured paint on one of the walls. There are so many different patterns and prints to choose from when buying wallpaper, so you won’t struggle to find a design that complements the theme of the bedroom.

Make a feature wall with some wall art

Hanging some wall art on one of the walls in your child’s bedroom will also help you to make the interior design more visually interesting. Many will choose to use a selection of different prints, mixing and matching, when creating a feature wall with wall art and this is a brilliant way to add life to the bedroom walls. Instead of using wall art, or in addition to some of the prints you choose, you could also use mirrors to make the feature wall more eye-catching. There are lots of different shapes and sizes of mirrors on the market, and finding something that is child-friendly will be really easy.

Use soft animal wall heads to make a feature wall

To make a feature wall stand out, quite literally, you can use 3D pieces of art too. Children’s soft animal wall heads are a great choice for any child’s bedroom, especially those that are safari themed. Again, mixing and matching a few different animals to make a feature wall works really well. The majority of soft animal wall heads are neutral in colour too, making them perfect for a Scandinavian style bedroom, so you won’t have to worry about colour clashing.

Place a statement bed against the feature wall

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to add something to a wall in order to make it stand out and how you place the furniture in the bedroom can also help you to make the plain neural walls more eye-catching. Instead of creating a traditional ‘feature wall’, why not consider placing a statement bed frame against one of the walls in the bedroom. You can guarantee that themed beds will instantly catch the eye of anyone who walks into your child’s bedroom and they are also a fabulous way to encourage imaginative play. Opting for a bunk bed or a loft bed when you’re trying to create a feature wall works particularly well as the bed frame will take up a considerable amount of the wall space.

Creating a feature wall in your child’s bedroom

If you’re interested in creating a feature wall in your child’s bedroom, regardless of how old they are, hopefully the ideas above will have given you some inspiration. You may find that depending on the size and shape of the bedroom some of these ideas will work better than others, but they’re all worthwhile thinking about. When searching for somewhere to purchase the children’s decor items you need to create the perfect feature wall, take a look at the Nubie online store today. As a modern children’s boutique, we have a vast selection of beautiful products to choose from and we will have everything you need to make a plain Scandi style children’s bedroom more inviting. Of course, we supply a brilliant range of children’s furniture too, so if you’re looking for a new bed or a new wardrobe for your child’s room, this is something else we can help you with.

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