Children's Trundle Bed Explained

Children's Trundle Bed Explained

Trundle beds are a great solution as a guest bed or for exciting or every sleepovers !

The are great way of offering extra bed space but can be hidden when not in use so saving on valuable space to play.

Many of our trundle beds are suitable for children sharing a room too with no compromise on style just ensure you choose good quality mattress for the trundle section.

Perfect for Guest room if also combing with a study as the bed can stay as single day bed until needed.

If you are transitioning your child to a big bed the trundle provides a great way for parents to comfort them without compromising your own precious sleep or when you need to nurse them through the night.

Our trundle beds come in a variety of options, they are east to set up so any unexpected guests are easily catered for !

Trundle Drawer

This is low to the ground and essentially the mattress is stored in a drawer.  The drawer has wheels and you pull this drawer out from under the bed.

Some brands enable you to use the trundle drawer for storage if it has a solid base. The mattress for trundle drawers will have a restricted height so be sure to check on the specification for that brand.

Pop Up Frame Trundle 

This style of trundle are consist of metal framed pop up bed bases which sit underneath the upper bed.  

Once pulled away from the bed you can pull out the leg frame.  The trundle bed will sit at the same height as the main bed.  You then have options to either make a large double bed - great for adult guests or you can sit the bed independently in the room.

To ensure the same height as the main bed both the mattress should be the same height.  It is best to check with the brand for exact measurement of the mattress needed.

Trundle Storage Bed.

Often known as a Captains bed.  These beds have massive versatility combined storage and a trundle bed in one go.

The trundle bed slides out as a complete bed from beneath the upper bed whilst the storage drawers stays static on the floor.

Trundles options are also available for our bunk beds too - so if your child is going for a mega slumber there will be plenty of bed space.

Which Mattress Should I Use For My Trundle.

We always recommend you carefully check the mattress sizes for a trundle with the brand or retailer as they can vary greatly between manufacturers.  

Some of the trundle beds can be slightly shorter in width or length than the main bed so great for children but not always suitable for the larger adult house guest !

Latex foam mattresses are a good choice for a trundle as they are not only comfortable but are thinner so neatly fit under the bed when not in use.

Need Advice

Nubie prides itself on it's customer service. Within our showroom and office - we have parents who have been through the full cycle, transitioning out of a cot or tearing our hair out with those dreaded noisy teenage sleepovers !  

We are here to help and we not hiding behind a robotic chat bot we are real ... we are available in our shop or just call on 01825 724160 to chat though your requirements.