A small boy playing on a luxury play mat

Choosing A Luxury Playmat For Your Little One’s Room

When you’re purchasing accessories for your little one’s bedroom, a playmat is considered to be a must-have. There are lots of advantages to having a playmat, especially when your baby is really enjoying tummy time, and it will provide them with a soft and safe environment to explore the world around them. You will find a huge range of luxury playmats on the market that are suitable for babies and toddlers, and no matter what your little one’s interior design might be like, you won’t struggle to find a playmat that compliments the rest of their bedroom. Below are some of our favourite playmats that you should take a look at when choosing a luxury playmat for your little one’s room.

Toddlekind Earth Foam Playmat

This is the perfect playmat to soften hard spaces, especially if you’re looking to cover a large section of the flooring in your little one’s room. The Toddlekind Earth Foam Playmat in Clay> can help you create a space that is both comfortable and safe for your little one to play on, and it really is the ideal choice if you have wooden flooring. Each playmat includes six 60 x 60cm tiles that you can join together to cover as much floor space as you’d like and you can create whichever pattern you want for your little one’s room.

Nofred Leaf Playmat

Not all luxury playmats are traditional shapes and the Nofred Leaf Playmat in Grey is proof of this. As the name suggests, this playmat is shaped like a large leaf and it is an excellent soft landing place for your little one. This is actually a dual-purpose product and in addition to being a playmat, it can also be used as a blanket as well. Made with 100% hand-stitched organic cotton, it will be soft on your little one’s skin and its muted grey colour means it will perfectly complement any interior design.

Nobodinoz Rainbow Velvet Playmat

When you want to make more of a design statement with your little one’s playmat, the Nobodinoz Rainbow Velvet Playmat is a great choice. This luxury playmat is padded to make hard surfaces more comfortable when your baby is laying on their front, but it also doubles up as a bright and playful rug too. Made from 100% recycled polyester velvet, this playmat is really soft and can even be machine washed if required. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up a space, this multi-coloured playmat is a brilliant accessory to have.

Babyshower Teddy Playmat

Made from soft fleece fabric, the Babyshower Teddy Playmat is one of the cosiest playmats available and as well as being used on the floor, it is the perfect size for a pram so it can be used to make your pram more snuggly in the winter. Shaped like a teddy bear, this luxury playmat is also aesthetically pleasing and its cream colour makes it perfect for any minimalistic interior design. It is on the smaller side at only 66cm x 80cm, however, it is ideal for transporting with you when you’re going away somewhere, for example.

Nobodinoz Colorado Playmat

This is a brilliant all-rounder and when you’re looking for a luxury playmat that is both comfortable for your little one and beautifully designed, the Nobodinoz Colorado Playmat in gold and pink is a winner. It is also a reasonable size for a baby at 100 x 100 cm and as it’s made from 100% organic cotton, it’s really comfortable as well. Nobodinoz stock a number of different decor items in the same print as this Colorado Playmat, so you can fill your little one’s room with accessories that all complement one another.

Purchasing a luxury playmat

There is no denying that all of the luxury playmats mentioned above are perfect for a little one’s bedroom or play space and you can purchase any of them in confidence knowing they will both look amazing and be comfortable for your baby to use. If you’d like to purchase a new playmat for your little one, the Nubie website is the place to be. We stock a wide variety of baby essentials and you won’t struggle to find the perfect accessories for your little one on our online store. We pride ourselves on supplying high-quality products from a selection of incredible European and English designers, and you can always purchase from us in confidence knowing you won’t be disappointed with the products you receive.

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