Design Tips For Creating The Perfect Children’s Bedroom

The moment that you realise that you have a baby on the way, it is natural that you will be overcome by wave-after-wave of emotions. Once these have subsided, you need to enter into planning mode; more specifically, you must turn your attention to their bedroom, and how you are going to decorate it. Rather than leave this up to chance, a more prudent course of action would be to allow Nubie to offer some advice on how to produce a first-class outcome.

Make Use Of Artwork

When you walk into any high-end kid’s room, you will immediately notice the use of artwork on the walls. Whilst you might have taken a long time selecting wallpaper that you believe to be first-class in quality, this does not necessarily have to be the only creative avenue that you can go down. Bedroom decorations can serve as a way in which to strengthen the family bond that you have; this is particularly true if you have photos commissioned of you and your child.

Lighting Is Key

You would be surprised to learn that countless parents up-and-down the country fail to understand that lighting can play a huge part in your child’s early years. Rather than confine them to a dark room, we suggest that you look to take advantage of both natural and artificial light. The use of mirrors, for example, can help you to try and create the perception of a larger room. This, in tandem with a large overhead light fitting, can ensure that the room’s decor is not wasted.

Try And Remain Colourful

Whilst there is certainly no-shortage of options available to you when you are trying to come up with a top-tier bedroom concept for your child, there is one thing that you must keep in mind. Bright and colourful colour schemes are always cited as being successful, and there is no-need for you to tamper with this tried-and-tested method. Classic choices are usually blues, pinks, and whites - all of these offer a canvas on which to work, and you won’t stifle yourself in the future by using any of these three.

Don’t Forget About Storage

It is only natural that when you are embarking on your decorative journey, your main focus will be on the way in which you design the walls. However, it would be unwise to overlook the importance of storage. What many parents fail to realise is that this is an industry which has come a long way in recent years; by this, we mean that you can find furniture for your child’s room that is aesthetically pleasing, whilst also remaining fantastic in terms of its storage potential. You would be wise to heed this piece of advice - failure to do so could prove to be costly.

Breaking Down Our Services

If you are trying to find a firm that can use its significant amount of expertise to advise you on children’s decor, we are delighted to inform you that in Nubie, you have the perfect company for the job. Our team have had the opportunity to hone their skills over the years; having worked on countless projects, we are ideally-positioned to provide you with tips and tricks that can help you build the perfect room for your child. Are you interested in our services, but would first like to engage in a discussion about the products that can be found within our catalogue? If you send us a message directly at, you can expect to be on the receiving end of a prompt and insightful response.

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