Designer kid's bed frame that will never go out of style

Designer Kids Furniture That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Look into any high-end interior magazine that focuses on children’s bedrooms, and we guarantee that you will find a small selection of units that feature in each-and-every one of them. These pieces of furniture are essential, and the chances of them losing their popularity are slim to say the least. If you are thinking of renovating your child’s room, and want to ensure that the results are impeccable, you have come to the right place. Below, you can find Nubie’s thoughts on the pieces that you can’t afford to overlook.

Bedside Table

In truth, no bedroom is complete until it has, at the very least, one bedside table - in terms of its functionality, this piece of furniture cannot be touched. For some people this is perfect for placing a lamp on top of; other children might use it to hold important medicines, as well as their favourite book. The versatile nature of the bedside table means that you will be hard-pressed to find a modern home that doesn’t feature a number of these.


Although you may not have realised it, the fact of the matter is that wardrobe manufacturers have slowly-but-surely been transforming their units into works of art. This is a reaction to the amount of interest that has recently been shown within the world of interior design - if sales are to continue to be good, the designs of wardrobes have had to improve with the times. Now, a quick browse through the Internet will demonstrate that you can purchase first-class wardrobes that are equipped with built-in mirrors and sliding doors.

Toy Box

When you are compiling a list of the stylish furniture pieces that you can choose to place into your child’s bedroom, you would be forgiven if you initially omitted the toy box. However, if you were to take a moment to consider its importance, you would quickly realise that you would not want to do without it in the long-run. The way that this can help you to retain order and tidiness is not something to be taken for granted. What may also surprise you is that these can be found in styles that are the epitome of finesse.

Standing Bookcase

Even if you are someone that is not overly fond of reading, we are sure that you will agree that bookcases are a furniture piece that can truly tie a bedroom together. Its presence automatically injects class and sophistication into your child’s room - when you walk in, you will be greeted to a beautiful sight. Should you install this unit at an early age, there is an added bonus; namely, that they make take-up reading as a hobby, which is fantastic if you would like for them to have a comprehensive education.

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If you are someone that wants to do-business with a company that has a wide-array of furniture brands from which to choose from, and are on the lookout for designer furniture that is in-keeping with the latest trends, you are in luck. To those of you that did not already know, allow us to introduce ourselves - we are Nubie. When it comes to designer kids furniture, we are specialists; regardless of your preferences, it will not take long for you to find units that will fit seamlessly into your child’s bedroom. Think that our collection is up to your high-standards, and subsequently want to place an order? The easiest way in which to reach one of our support representatives is to send them a message directly at

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