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How to Design a Nordic Style Bedroom for Kids

So how can you design a child-friendly nordic style bedroom? Here are some top tips to help you choose colour schemes, children’s furniture, and design elements to create a Scandinavian-style children’s bedroom your little ones will love.

Start with a Blank Canvas

Nordic-style children’s bedrooms usually feature white walls that provide a bright, clean and fresh backdrop to the room’s furniture and design. So before you start picking out furniture or choosing a colour scheme, paint all of the walls white and you’ll have a perfect blank canvas to begin designing.

Stick to a Neutral Colour Scheme

A key feature of Scandinavian bedroom designs is a neutral colour palette including soft whites, natural colours and pastel shades such as pinks, icy blues and soft yellows. Darker and warmer colours can also have a place in Nordic-style bedrooms, as they’re often used to contrast white colours, and can lend a warm and cosy feel to rooms. For example, ambers, moss greens, and dark blues can be in keeping with neutral colour schemes while also providing an effective contrast.

Add a Dash of Bright Colour

While soft, neutral colours take the lead in Nordic-style designs, Scandinavian designers love to include the occasional pop of bright colour in children’s bedrooms. You could choose a brightly coloured chair, pillow, or throw to contrast the neutral colour scheme. Adding a dash of colour can make bedrooms more bright and fun for children, but it’s a good idea to stick to one of two bright or deep colours — remember simplicity is still at the heart of Scandinavian designs. 

Let There Be Light

Natural light is a huge part of Nordic designs. Scandinavian designers place huge amounts of importance on lighting, and Nordic bedrooms focus on bright designs brought to life with light. So bedrooms should let as much natural light in as possible, and artificial interior lighting should recreate the hue of natural daylight. However, nightlights can take a softer and warmer tone to create a cosy, bedtime atmosphere that will help little ones fall asleep in no time.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Remember to keep things simple. Nordic bedrooms for children are first and foremost, minimalist. They’re neat and tidy, and you won’t find clutter anywhere. Everything has its place. Taking a minimalist approach to children’s bedrooms can help teach children that less can be more, and material possessions aren’t everything. Minimalist rooms are also easier to keep clean and tidy. Every parent knows what a nightmare children’s bedrooms can be to keep tidy, but with less clutter, there’s less to clean up. Children are also more likely to be proud of their bedrooms if they’re tidy — they may want to invite friends over after school or for a sleepover. We have a range of children’s beds with optional trundles that perfectly suit Scandinavian designs, and allow your youngsters to have friends over.

Use Natural Materials

Nordic bedrooms for children use natural (or natural-looking) materials and textiles such as wooden flooring and furniture, cosy rugs, and natural-looking linen and fur. Other natural materials you’ll find in Scandinavian home designs include ceramic, clay and stone.

Commit to an Eco-Friendly Design

Scandinavian countries are amongst the most environmentally friendly in the world, and eco-friendly materials take pride of place in Nordic-style bedrooms for children. So when choosing materials and furniture for children’s rooms, consider choosing eco-friendly products. At Nubie, we offer design materials and furniture from a range of eco-friendly brands, including Oeuf, a provider of modern furniture for children and nurseries, and Lifetime Kids, a children’s furniture brand based in Denmark.

Consider Themed Furniture

Themed furniture, in particular, themed children’s beds, can be the perfect centrepiece for a Nordic-style children’s bedroom. House-shaped beds can teach little ones that home is where the heart is, while beds that resemble tree houses and tents can tie in with Nordic natural themes.

Add Whimsical Details

While Scandi-style bedrooms are simple in design, they often involve whimsical details, such as starry patterns and prints, character-shaped pillows or illustrations, fairy lights, inspiring sayings framed or printed on the walls, and themed objects. Nordic-style bedrooms with playful details can ignite inspiration and inspire wonder in children.

Nubie offers a variety of creative children’s furniture, including themed beds, that can help you create a beautiful and magical Nordic-style children’s bedroom. Browse our children’s furniture online or visit our showroom in Sussex, England, to see our products for yourself and find inspiration for your children’s bedroom.

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