Leander - Iconic Danish Brand

Leander - Iconic Danish Brand

We show case a selection of Leander in our showroom and thought it would be helpful to tell you a little bit about this fabulous Danish nursery brand.

Leander first started with the now legendary Leander Classic ™ cradle. 

As a brand they have a fabulous strap line.

' Becoming a parent is special. It is an intensely emotional journey filled with breathtaking moments and difficult choices. Embrace it and leave the rest to us.'

Their ethos is not just about designing furniture but about creating nursery furniture that inspires and stimulates play, movement, and creativity.  Furniture that not only develops children but also makes everyday life with children a little easier.

Behind each piece of Leander Nursery furniture is a well-thought-out vision and good craftsmanship.  As a customer you are not just a buying a piece of furniture for one child but a piece which can be passed to your next child or handed through the family.  It is furniture that can be inherited - with sustainability a key element of the brand.

The brand carries four ranges.

Leander Classic

The Leander Classic™ line has rounded corners and elegant curves.  Designed to creating a soothing and embracing environment that stimulates your baby in sheer comfort.   Leander Classic is a beautiful combination of carefully selected materials such as molded beechwood and shoothing cotton gives you a unique and solid piece of furniture without compromise. 

It is a timeless design which combines form and function - the classic cot can evolve into a delightful toddler bed so has great longevity and sustainability.

Leander Linea

The Linea™ line is contemporary and innovative nursery range with a  sophisticated and an edgy look.  Designed to tailor fit an urban lifestyle and embraces the beauty of solid craftsmanship.

Leander Luna

Simple as child’s play !  That’s the idea behind the furniture line, Luna™.  It unites their Nordic design heritage with a playful nature using a floating appearance. 

Matty Changing Mat

These have become a firm favorite amongst our clients.  It is a simple design but so revolutionary. With the Leander Matty™ changing mat, new standards are set for the concept for your baby changing station. It not only provides safety and ease when changing your baby - it is made from the softest PUR foam - a unique material that is extremely close to the feeling of bare skin and adapts to room temperature very quickly