Oliver Furniture Pieces Which Kids Are Guaranteed To Love

When redecorating your little one’s bedroom, it goes without saying that as well as wanting it to look good, you also want to create a space that they will love. If you’re used to designing and choosing furniture for an adult’s bedroom then you may be finding it difficult to find pieces that are specifically designed for children. But, thankfully, there are so many brilliant brands out there that will make your job much easier. If you’re looking for particular brands to fill your children’s room with, be sure to take a look at Oliver Furniture. Oliver Furniture is based just North of Copenhagen and it was founded back in 2003 by designer Søren Rørbæk. Since this time they have been creating contemporary Scandinavian wooden furniture that is based on a simple aesthetic. From Oliver baby furniture through to items for older children, everything they manufacture is incredibly high-quality, but it is also designed with little ones in mind. Below are a few of our favourite pieces from their Seaside collection and their Wood collection.

Loft beds

Lots of children love the idea of a loft bed/high sleeper and they can be a brilliant choice if you don’t necessarily need the two beds that are provided with bunk beds. Not only are these a brilliant way to make the most of the space in your children’s room but, Oliver Furniture has some amazing designs to choose from too. From traditional loft beds with room for a desk or a futon underneath to junior loft beds with the perfect hideaway den underneath, there is something for all ages. Our favourite loft bed is their unique rounded-edge design with fitted seats/storage underneath. It really is perfect.

Tables and chairs

Whether your little one has a big bedroom with lots of floor space to play or you have a separate dedicated playroom for your children, Oliver Furniture has some beautiful sets of tables and chairs for you. These can be a nice alternative to a classic desk and chair combination and are usually considered slightly less formal. Depending on the age of your children, we would recommend different sets of tables and chairs. For slightly older children, their junior table with leather straps is a classic choice but if you’re looking for something more fun for younger children then their ping pong set is a must. 

Storage solutions

It goes without saying that storage is absolutely essential in any child’s bedroom and they often have lots of toys which need tidying away at the end of each day. Whilst this might not be the most fun piece of furniture for a little one, Oliver Furniture has even designed their storage solutions with children in mind.Whether you would like a classic floor standing shelving unit or a display cabinet, you can get some little boxes which are perfect for your children to be able to use independently. However, our favourite storage solution doubles up as a seat too making it brilliant for your little one’s room.

Purchasing Oliver Furniture pieces

There is no denying that if you choose to invest in any of the pieces of furniture mentioned above not only will you create a room that is perfect for any modern family but, you will also create a room that your little one will love spending time in. With the help of Oliver Furniture, a contemporary design is easily achievable and as your child grows, you can even adapt their room with other pieces from Oliver Furniture, so you don’t have to keep redecorating. When searching for the perfect place to purchase Oliver baby furniture or ‘small adult’ furniture from, visit the Nubie website today. We are incredibly proud to stock a range of Oliver Furniture pieces and you can guarantee that we will have all of their most loved and highly sought after furniture pieces. We also have a range of other design-led luxury children’s furniture and kid’s decor that may be beneficial to you when designing your little one’s room too. So, please feel free to browse our website today. 

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