Popular childrens desk and chairs

Popular Children’s Desks And Chairs For Bedrooms

Amongst the different pieces of children’s furniture on the market, you will find desks and chairs, and these are often overlooked when designing a bedroom for a toddler or a teen. There are actually a number of benefits to having a desk and chair set in a child’s room and it will provide them with the perfect place to be creative or do their homework. Regardless of what your child’s bedroom interior looks like, you won’t struggle to find the perfect desk and chair for the space either and there are multiple different designs to choose from. To help you narrow down the many options available, below we have put together a list of some of the most popular children’s desks and chairs for bedrooms.

Play and store table and benches

This smart play solution by Lifetime Kids is great for any child’s bedroom. This children’s desk is slightly different from others on the market as it can quickly and easily be tucked away into a neat storage system. The play and store table and benches set is ideal when there isn’t enough floor space for a permanent desk and chair, and it even offers useful additional storage too.

Tilting adjustable desk

This is another desk by Lifetime Kids and not only can it be set at two different heights, but it also features a tilt mechanism for the desk top which can make writing and drawing easier. There is a huge selection of chairs that would complement this tilting adjustable desk, from the Tak Metal chair by Nidi to the Leaf chair by Nidi, so you won’t struggle to create a desk and chair combination that’s perfect for your child’s bedroom.

Wood desk and adjustable height chair

This minimalist children’s desk and chair by Oliver Furniture is brilliant for any Scandi-style bedroom. The wooden desk features curved corners and leather handles, making it both simplistic yet stylish and the adjustable chair features a curved back and long sloping legs, making it a real design piece. These two pieces really are the perfect pair.

Secret storage desk

This modern take on the traditional lift up lid desk by Nidi is easily customisable to match any bedroom interior design. This secret storage desk is available with either metal or wooden legs and you can choose different colours for the storage base, desk lid and V-shaped legs. Again, there is a range of chairs that would work well alongside this desk and you could even opt for something like the Oriente Milk Stool by Krethaus for a more unique look.

Little architect desk and chair

This simplistic Children’s desk and chair by Ferm Living is an excellent choice for any bedroom. You even have the option to have a small bench rather than a chair too. All of these pieces are available in various sophisticated colours, allowing you to mix and match if you don’t want a matching desk and chair. Due to how simple the design of these pieces is, they will complement any style of bedroom, regardless of what the decor may be like.

Purchasing a children’s desk and chair

There really is no denying that it is worthwhile purchasing a desk and chair for your child’s bedroom. Any of the different options mentioned above will create a designated creative area for your child and also help them to keep their bedroom clutter-free, so it is easy to see why they are some of the most popular designs on the market. When you’re wanting to purchase a children’s desk and chair, take a look at the Nubie online store today. We carry a superb range of creative brands for children and our designer furniture pieces are perfect for today’s modern family home. Here at Nubie, we are known for our emphasis on both style and quality, and we only stock the finest furniture that we feel worthy of those precious little people you’re looking after. So, you can purchase any of the children’s desks and chairs on our website in confidence.

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