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The Baby Essentials That Will Quickly Change Your Life

Trying to create the perfect modern nursery is a task that is easier said than done, not least because there are countless high-quality pieces that could catch your eye. As a parent, you need to be incredibly selective of the bedroom furniture that you decide to purchase, and this is a statement that also rings-true when you are searching for accessories. Here to provide you with more of an insight into the essentials that would be well-worth purchasing, are the fantastic Nubie< experts.


Any parent that has young children will testify to the fact that meal-times are perhaps the most stressful period of the day. You will need to take full-control over both the preparation of the meal, but also the feeding element. This, as we are sure you can imagine, can be a rather messy ordeal. In order to give yourself the best-possible chance of getting through this in a relatively calm manner, we recommend getting your hands on a top-tier highchair. As far as newborn and young children’s furniture goes, this is something of a god-send.

Changing Mats

If you want to ensure that your baby’s bedroom remains in pristine condition, it would be wise to try and purchase a changing mat as soon as possible. This piece of equipment will likely be used multiple times a day, and the positive impact that it can have cannot be stressed enough. When you are getting rid of nappies on an almost-hourly basis, you will want to have a platform from which to work. In situations such as this, the simple-yet-effective changing mat reigns supreme, and we guarantee that this is an investment that you will take advantage of time-after-time.

Cuddle Blankets

When you place your newborn into their cot or bed, it is only-natural that they will be a little distressed, particularly if they are not used to being separated from you. A great way in which to ease their fears, and hopefully allow them the opportunity to get some much-needed rest, is to give them a cuddle blanket. This soft piece of fabric is not only decorative, but also incredibly soft. This means that they can keep warm and comfortable when they start to drift off.

Hooded Towels

For some children, bathtime is a period of fun and enjoyment; they have their toys to occupy them, meaning that you can proceed with washing their hair without too much drama. However, other baby’s are not quite as relaxed, and this can mean that issues can ensue. In particular, the drying stage can be where the problems really start to make themselves known. A potential solution to this could be buying a hooded towel - this can be found in a wide-array of styles and designs, and could help to soothe your young child.

We’re Here To Help

Whilst it is certainly true that we have amassed a reputation for being one of the finest baby furniture companies in the UK, it is important that you recognise that this is not Nubie’s sole speciality. As a company, we believe that it is our duty to listen to the needs of our audience - it is for this reason that we are always seeking to grow our catalogue. For some of you, it could be the beautifully designed blankets that we have which take your fancy. Other customers might simply be in need of a chest-of-drawers for the baby nursery that they are putting together. For more information regarding our designer nursery furniture, your best-bet would be to email our customer service team directly at

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