The Benefits Of Wood Flooring And Rugs In Children's Rooms

The Benefits Of Wood Flooring And Rugs In Children's Rooms

When decorating their children’s bedroom, parents tend to spend a long time thinking about things such as the colour scheme and the layout, but one important interior design element is frequently overlooked; the flooring. More often than not, bedrooms tend to have carpeted floors and whilst this can make a room feel cosy, it goes without saying that it isn’t always the best solution available.

Wood flooring can be disregarded for children’s rooms because it isn’t as warm or soft underfoot as carpet and if your little one is still crawling or they spend a lot of time playing on the floor then this may be of concern to you. However, there are a number of benefits to wood flooring and often, simply adding a children’s rug to the room will overcome many of the reservations you have about it. Below we have looked into these benefits in more detail.

It isn’t difficult to keep wood flooring clean

As you’re probably aware, carpets are notoriously hard to keep clean and children’s bedrooms are known for getting messy. When you have wood flooring, you won’t need to worry about spills and stains because it is likely that they can simply be removed with a damp cloth. You can relax and allow your little ones to enjoy being children without worrying about mess.

A rug is much easier to replace than a carpet

When using wood flooring in a child’s room, having a rug will make the room feel cosier and the floor more comfortable, the same way a carpet does. However, rugs are usually machine washable and also much easier to replace than a carpet. So, if anything does happen to the rug, you won’t have to worry about the cost or the hassle associated with getting a new carpet.

Wood flooring is timeless

It is fair to say that wood flooring looks amazing in any room and it will never go out of style. You can lay wood flooring in your baby’s nursery and know that it will still be on-trend when they become a teenager. You will also easily be able to change the style of your child’s room as they get older without having to replace the flooring, you can simply change the rug instead.

Playful and colourful rugs can add life to a room

There is a huge range of children’s rugs on the market nowadays and it isn’t difficult to find a design that perfectly complements the rest of the room’s interior design. Of course, if your little one’s room is full of neutral colours, then the best rugs for children’s rooms can also add some personality into their space. This one decor item really can make such a big difference.

Wood flooring is incredibly durable

When you invest in high-quality wood flooring, you can trust that it will last for many years to come and it is much more durable than carpet. You won’t have to worry about wood flooring starting to look tatty, worn or discoloured, it really is easy to keep it looking as good as new. You can trust that wood flooring will be able to handle the worst that your children throw at it.

Your little one can choose their own rug

As your little one gets older and they want to start choosing their own , if you have wood flooring, they can choose their rug too. They will love doing this and it will allow them to transform their room into somewhere they love. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes of rugs to choose from, they won’t struggle to find something affordable that they like.

Purchasing the best rugs for children’s rooms

Ultimately, it is fair to say that while carpet is a popular choice for teen and adult bedrooms, when you’re redecorating your little one’s room, it can be much more beneficial to opt for wood flooring with a decorative rug. You can guarantee that you will thank yourself in the long run for opting for this combination over carpet and with a number of different wood flooring options and rug designs to choose from, there is the perfect combination for every child’s room.

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