Top Tips For Creating A Scandi Style Bedroom For Your Children

When designing your children’s bedroom, you will have lots of different styles and themes to choose from. Whilst some parents may be tempted to go playful and bold, these days, it is becoming increasingly popular to create a timeless bedroom, and often Scandi style is the first choice in this regard. This is the perfect style of anyone who lives a minimalist lifestyle and there are numerous benefits to choosing this for your children’s room.If you would like to create a Scandinavian style bedroom for your little one, keep reading today. Our team here at Nubie have put together a list of tops tips to help you create a space that is simplistic yet functional. Whether you’re designing your baby's nursery ready for their arrival or you’re adapting and redecorating your kid’s bedroom as they get slightly older, these tips will help make creating a Scandinavian interior design much easier.

Start with a blank neutral canvas and build up

The base of any Scandi style bedroom should be neutral, so choose greys, whites and creams as your wall and floor colours. You can then build up from this adding a range of pastel colours or the occasional pop of bright colour. Starting with a blank canvas allows you to stay within the Scandi style, but still make the room unique. 

Focus on quality over quantity

It can be easy to get carried away with your children’s bedroom furniture and you may find yourself wanting to purchase numerous items, but this isn’t what a Scandinavian style bedroom is about. Try to focus on the quality and the look of the items. Ideally, you should only have essential pieces of furniture in the room to prevent it from looking cluttered and crowded.

Make use of multifunctional furniture

When sticking to only essential Scandinavian style furniture, you will benefit from having multifunctional items. Choose classic furniture that will not only be easy to adapt as your children grow but, also furniture that can have various uses. For example, bed side tables that are also cupboards, and toy boxes that are also benches/seats.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement

Just because the Scandinavian style is simplistic, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and make a statement, after all, it is a children’s bedroom. Why not use wall art to create a feature wall, or choose a unique themed bed as a centrepiece? Whilst the majority of the space will be neutrally coloured, you can still make the room somewhere fun and imaginative.

Storage is absolutely essential

Children often have a lot of belongings, from clothes to toys, there’s a lot that you will need to store. Of course, a Scandi style bedroom needs to be neat and tidy, so ensuring you have adequate storage is essential. Choosing pieces of Scandinavian furniture that fit the room but that can also be used for storage will help you ensure that everything has a home.

Accessorise with textures and patterns

You will still want your children’s Scandi style bedroom to feel warm and homely, so make sure you accessorise. Use various textures and patterns to help lift the room and make it somewhere cosy for your child. You can never have too many scatter cushions or throw and blankets. Matching or contrasting other colours or textures in the room will help bring the space to life. 

Creating a Scandi style kids bedroom

Hopefully, the tips above can help you to create a bedroom that your little one will love but that will also seamlessly blend into the rest of your minimalistic property. Scandinavian style bedrooms are timeless and once you have put together the basics, you will continually be able to adapt the space as your child grows. This bedroom design is one that will always be fresh, clean and calm, making it the perfect safe haven for your little one. If you’re searching for a reliable company that can provide you with Scandinavian furniture in the UK, please visit the Nubie website. We specialise in children’s bedroom furniture and you can guarantee that we will have a vast range of items in this style for you to choose from. All of our products are lovingly handmade by independent designers and built to last a lifetime, so why shop elsewhere when looking for Scandinavian furniture in the UK?

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