Unusual Bunk Beds For Kids Which You Should Buy

It goes without saying that bunk beds have been an incredibly popular choice for children’s bedrooms for many years now and they’re definitely a trend that is here to stay. There are so many benefits of choosing a bunk bed for your kid’s bedroom, from the fact they can help you save space to the fact that they are often customisable and much more fun, and everything in between. You can guarantee that they are a brilliant choice. These days, when looking for the perfect bunk beds for your little one’s room, you will probably be surprised just how unique and inventive some of the options on the market are. Many kid’s bunk bed designers ensure that they create their furniture with children in mind and this has helped them to design unusual bunk beds that your children are guaranteed to love. If you’re interested in these fun sleeping options, keep reading today, below are a few of our favourite unusual bunk beds. 

Unconventionally shaped bunk beds

Traditionally, bunk beds are stacked directly on top of one another. However, you can now get some brilliant unusual looking bunk beds that modernise this traditional look and create a completely new feel for a traditional bunk bed. The train bunk bed, for example, is the perfect contemporary design for a bunk bed and it is a brilliant solution if you need lots of storage in your kid’s bedroom as well. Also, these days, you can get bunk beds where the bottom bed is twisted too and again this will provide you with a new, different feel to a bunk bed.

Enclosed bunk beds

Usually, standard bunk beds are open and generally look as though two standard single beds are stacked upon one another. Again, nowadays you have the option of something a little bit different and designers are creating beds where the individual bunks are enclosed. Something like the hangout bunk bed or the treehouse bunk bed is the perfect example of this. Whilst both of the bunks will still be functional and they are a brilliant option if two little ones sharing a room, these enclosed unusual bunk beds are so much more fun. They also give each child a little bit more independence too.

Bunk beds with a slide

The majority of bunk beds will have a ladder that is either built into the design or is movable around the bed and this is the most common way of getting both up to and down from the top bunk. But, children’s furniture designers have now mixed things up by introducing a slide too. Take our road race bunk bed, this is a brilliant example of a bunk bed with a slide. It goes without saying that your children will love this unusual bunk bed and they will be much happier to get out of bed in the morning. Of course, bunk beds with slides are still designed with safety in mind, so you won’t need to worry in this regard.

Investing in bunk beds for your children’s bedroom

There is no denying that if you choose any of the unusual bunk beds mentioned above, your children will love not only spending time in their own room but actually getting into bed too. No matter what theme you’re going for in your children’s room, or what feel you’re trying to create, any of the bunk beds mentioned above will work brilliantly. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these unusual bunk beds or you’d like to view some other unique options, visit the Nubie website today. Here at Nubie, we have a vast selection of bunk beds and loft beds for sale, all of which are created by leading independent designers from across the world. We are passionate about providing our customers with beautiful, modern kid’s furniture and decor that is designed to last a lifetime, and you can trust that we only provide items that are worthy of those precious little people you’re looking after. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about unusual bunk beds or any other items in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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