Unusual Kids Beds That You Don’t Want To Miss

Trying to find the perfect bed for your child is easier said than done. There are various features that you need to look for - you must, for instance, ascertain how durable it will be in the long-run, as well as it has a theme running through it. Whilst you could certainly stick to tradition and purchase a basic unit, more and more parents are deciding instead to buy an unusual bed which injects a little fun into the lives of their children. If this is a course of action that intrigues you, allow Nubie to guide you through some of the available options.


For those of you that want to ensure that their child’s bedroom still retains a high-quality visual appearance, you may find that the Cottage provides you with just the aesthetics that you have been looking for. Decorated with delightful leaves all around the frame, this is a bed that will certainly appeal to you if you appreciate the beauty of nature. Though relatively simple in its design, in comparison to say a classic car bed, this is a piece of furniture which, in the right setting, can be revolutionary.


Whether you are looking for beds for boys or girls, we are sure you can agree that the design is incredibly important. This is somewhere which is meant to provide a relaxing environment, so that they can recharge for the following day. It is here that the Lakehouse may prove to be an ideal purchase. Its neutral tones are rather soothing on the eye, whilst its structure means that it is still a major departure from traditional children’s beds which can be found scattered across the country.

Play Tower

If you are someone that has a child that lives for adventure and laughter, your search for a solution has come to an end. In the Play Tower, you have everything that they could ever wish for in a bed. During the day, they can spend time up in the tower, playing around without a care in the world. Once they have exhausted themselves during these activities, they can then retreat to the pull-out bed which can be found below. This multifaceted piece of furniture is nothing short of exceptional.

Climb And Slide

Children, as you may have already realised, have the ability to make even the most mundane of tasks seem fun - that is the beauty of their innocence. With creative imaginations, it is not difficult to turn bedtime into an occasion full of excitement and laughter. If you want to take this to the next level, you should install a Climb and Slide in your children’s bedroom. This is a single bed that comes equipped with a slide and miniature climbing rope. As far as themed beds go, few can match the joy which is brought about by this unit.

Nubie - Here To Help

As you can see, there is no shortage of options available to you when you are searching for child or toddler beds that deviate from the norm. Some of you may wish for a trundle bed which increases the level of storage space available to you, whilst others might think that a bespoke loft bed is a correct route to go down. Whichever camp you find yourself in, you can be sure that Nubie will not shy away from the challenge. Our catalogue of products is vast, ensuring that we never fail in achieving total satisfaction for our customers. Why not give us a call today on 01825 724160, or email us at info@nubie.co.uk, and find out more about how we can be of assistance?

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