At what Age Do I Move My Child from a Cot to a Toddler Bed

At what Age Do I Move My Child from a Cot to a Toddler Bed

Here at Nubie Kids we get asked many times for advice on transitioning your child to a toddler bed or bigger bed. 
All being parents ourselves we have quite a lot of knowledge and views on this topic - we do hope you find this helpful.
Please do remember that every child is unique, and the transition may be easier for some and more challenging for others.
Stay flexible and adapt your approach to your child's specific needs and preferences during this important transition.



The ideal time to transition to a regular bed varies from child to child, but most kids make the transition between the ages of 2 and 3. However, some children may be ready earlier or later. Look for signs of readiness, such as climbing out of the crib or expressing a desire for a big-kid bed.


Choose the right bed


You do not always need to move to a Toddler bed only to have to buy another bigger full size bed later.  If you feel your child may be quite tall or a little wriggler at night you could opt for a low single bed depending on your space constraints.   Flexa offer some great low level single beds.  There are many sizes.  Some are the same size as a cot bed so create that cosy familiar feeling and some are just a little wider and longer to create space for their little growing bodies.  The Oliver bed can actually transition to a single bed eventually but creates a cosy familiar space to that of a cot to begin with.  


Weight Limit


As you transition your child many parents will enviably wish to lay or cuddle their child at night.  Going forward you may need to be with them during illness or sleeping difficulties so it is important that their small bed can support both your weight.  Rafa kids make high quality beds which will withstand a heavy weight.


Involve your Child


Make the transition exciting for your child by involving them in the decision-making process. Let them help choose the bedding, bed frame, or even the location. 


Create a comfortable sleep environment


Ensure that the new toddder bed is comfortable with a good mattress.  You may need a softer mattress this time around.  You can let your child bring their favourite stuffed animals, blankets, or pillows from the crib to the new one for a sense of familiarity.


Safety precautions


Place guardrails on the toddler bed to prevent falls. Many of our toddler beds such as Oeuf Perch include a guard rail which you can remove them once your child becomes accustomed to the new bedtime routine.


Familiarize your child with their new bed


Before the transition, let your child spend some playtime on the new bed during the day. Encourage them to read books or play games in it.  Many have under mattress storage too.


Gradual transition


You can make the transition more gradual by having your child take naps in the new bigger bed before sleeping there overnight.


Bedtime routine


Stick to a consistent bedtime routine, which may include reading a bedtime story, cuddling, or singing a lullaby. A consistent routine can help ease the transition.


Be patient


It's common for children to have some initial resistance to the change. If your child has trouble adjusting, reassure them, and be patient as they get used to the new toddler bed.


Safety first


Childproof the room by securing furniture and other potential hazards to ensure your child's safety in their new sleeping environment.


Praise and positive reinforcement


Praise your child for their big-kid bed and reward them with positive reinforcement, such as stickers or a small treat, when they successfully sleep in it.


Monitor the transition


Keep an eye on your child during the first few nights in the new sized bed to ensure they are comfortable and safe.