European children’s furniture

Why Has European Children’s Furniture Become So Popular?

Although there is certainly nothing wrong to going to a mainstream furniture retailer to fulfil your needs, the likelihood is that you will be somewhat disappointed in the lack of flair that is possessed by the units. The same cannot be said if you were to entrust your project with a European furniture manufacturer. These types of units have been flying off of the shelves in recent years, and Nubie is here to shed some light as to why this is the case.


In the past, trying to obtain top-of-the-range furniture that originated from Europe was a task that was not easily completed. However, as the popularity of modern designs has begun to wane, people have become more-willing to spend a little more on units that are rustic in appearance. The vast majority of high-quality European furniture is constructed from solid wood, and this material is in abundance when you cross over to the mainland. Whatsmore, there are countless different manufacturers from which to choose from, with Cam Cam Copenhagen and Olver Furniture being notable examples.

Visually Appealing

As you would expect, the main selling point in regards to European furniture is that, when you look at them from a visual point-of-view, they are simply incomparable. Though the designs are relatively simple, there is beauty in this. The high-profile brands have continued to stick to designs which have been around for years, and this has proven to be a successful option. Instead of making use of synthetic materials like uPVC, wood has remained the number one pick, and long may this continue.

Range Of Units

It is true that in times gone by, the majority of furniture manufacturers would focus predominantly on beds, as these were regarded to be best-sellers. However, were you to conduct a search now, you would expect to be able to find a wide-range of products from which you can choose from. Some of you might like the innovative storage options that come from Europe; perhaps it is an aesthetically-pleasing chest of drawers which catches your eye. Whatever the case may be, it should not take you long to find a piece that fits into your home’s interior decor with ease.

Our Personal Favourites

While you might already have an idea of what type of furniture you are currently in need of, here at Nubie we are pleased to be able to offer some insight into the pieces that could be the perfect solution to all of your problems. From a storage perspective, few options can surpass the Grey Carla Wardrobe; never again will you have to panic about not having enough space for your child’s various outfits. Alternatively, the Lille + Low Loft Bed is the perfect example of a piece which combines functionality with beautiful visuals.

Need More Information?

By now, you should have gotten a good idea of the various reasons as to why European children’s furniture has continued to see a spike in popularity. The versatility that going down this path offers you is second-to-none, and will allow you to put your own distinctive creative stamp on your home. Should you want a little more help in this department, now may be the perfect time to reach out to Nubie for assistance. With a well-rounded understanding of the furniture industry, we can easily point you towards pieces that are both in your price-range, as well as also be in-keeping with your other design choices. To get the ball rolling, the best thing that you can do is provide us with your personal details by writing to us at

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