A luxury bunk bed in a child's bedroom

Why Sales For Luxury Bunk Beds Online Are Through The Roof

If you were under the impression that bunk beds are only suitable for families with more than one child, guess again. These units have seen their popularity sky-rocket in the past couple of years, and this is not a coincidence. Slowly-but-surely, parents have been starting to take-note of the various advantages that these pieces of furniture bring to the table. If you are in the middle of renovating your kids’ bedroom, and want to find the perfect sleeping arrangement for them, you might want to hear what Nubie has to say in regards to the selling points associated with high-quality bunk beds.

1. Excitement at bedtime

For most children, bedtime is considered to be something of a chore; after-all, they are having to stop their fun for the day. This means that, as a parent, you can expect for them to put up a fight. A great way to reduce the amount of hassle that you face is to purchase a bunk bed or loft bed, as opposed to a typical single bed. If there is, for instance, a ladder or a slide incorporated into the design, you can generate a little bit of excitement.

2. Solves storage problems

In comparison to the size of your bedroom, the chances are that the room that your child sleeps in is not overly-blessed in terms of space. This, in itself, is a rather major obstacle that you need to try and overcome, particularly when you take into account the number of toys and possessions that they have. An idea that may not have occurred to you is to purchase a bunk bed. Whilst your child remains on the top bunk, the bottom bunk resolves the issues that you were facing in relation to storage - this is, to put it simply, a space-saving piece of furniture.

3. Excellent for entertaining

During their formative years, it is highly-likely that your child will, on a regular basis, want to have their friends around for sleepovers. Unfortunately, this can throw up a number of problems, the main one being that you need to try and find somewhere for them to sleep. That being said, you can save yourself a significant amount of stress by being proactive and purchasing a bunk bed. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep, rather than be forced to go on the floor.

4. Range of designs

If you had any misgivings about opting for a bunk bed for your child, a quick browse through any first-class bedroom furniture catalogue will reveal a world of designs from which to choose from. If, for instance, you like to keep things basic, Flexa’s Classic Bunk Bed will almost-certainly suffice. Alternatively, you could turn your attention towards a Cottage Bunk Bed - this is an option that oozes flair.

Need A Helping Hand?

It is one thing to decide that you would like to buy a luxury bunk bed online; it is another for you to find a bed for your child that is, to all intents and purposes, perfect. Some of you might think that a top-tier kids bunk bed design needs to be simple, with not much in the way of creativity. Other parents could be on the lookout for units that do-away with bottom bunks, in favour of shelving. Whichever category you fall into, one thing is for certain - if you ring 01825 724160, the Nubie team will go above-and-beyond to assist you. Our catalogue is now at the point that, regardless of your preferences, we are almost-certain that we will have a bed that puts a smile on your face

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