At Nubie Kids we have a wide range of children’s wallpaper.

Whether you’re decorating your nursery, teenagers room or playroom you are sure to find the perfect design at Nubie!

When choosing children’s wallpaper, determine the theme or style you want for the room. Whether it’s a modern, classic, or themed room, the wallpaper should align with the overall aesthetic. Pay attention to the existing color scheme of the room. The wallpaper should complement the overall design and color palette. Consider whether you want a bold statement or a more subtle background.

If you would like the wallpaper to last for several years, consider choosing a design that has some flexibility and can adapt as the child grows older. Avoid overly young themes that can not grow with your child.

All our wallpapers are made to a high quality including Majvillan, Borastapeter, Sandberg and Hibou Home.

We stock children’s wallpaper designs that are perfect for both boys and girls or if you’re looking for a more gender neutral design.

We sample the vast majority of our wallpapers and we always advise you sample the papers first to make sure the colours are right for your space.