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Jalle Junior Duvet in Sandy Confetti

Brand: Liewood

Jalle Junior Duvet in Sandy Confetti by Liewood is a hypoallergenic duvet made from Organic Cotton and Organic Kapok.


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Product Detail

Jalle Junior Duvet in Sandy Confett by Liewood is a hypoallergenic duvet for kids.

Kapok is a natural, organic, and sustainable material, so you are buying a product to last a lifetime.

Kapok is heat regulating, breathable and antibacterial – perfect for kids. These characteristics make it impossible for dust mites to live.

The Duvet can also be used as a blanket once your child outgrows it.

The print and neutral colours work great for boys and girls.

This duvet is also the perfect fit for Liewood duvet and pillow sets.

We also have the matching Pi Baby Pillow.

Take a look at the Love Sandy Bedding by Liewood because we are confident you will love it.

Delivery Times

Delivery: 3 – 5 working days.

Good to Know:

To maintain the great quality of the kapok duvet we recommend tumble drying the duvet occasionally. If you tumble dry the duvet for 15-20 minutes every fourth month it will remain soft and comfy for longer.

A Kapok duvet will become softer over time. If you bought a kapok baby or junior duvet for your child, we recommend that you sleep with the duvet underneath your own to begin with. An adult’s weight will much faster make the kapok fiber soft, compared to the weight of little children.

Care Instructions
Shipping & Returns

Material: 100% cotton organic / 100% Kapok organic

Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm

Care Instructions

We recommend not washing the duvet too often, since it is already antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, we suggest not washing the duvet before it has been used for some time, and the kapok fiber has become light and soft.
Please wash the duvet at max 40°C. Use detergent without enzymes and avoid using fabric softener. When washing the duvet, a high centrifugation is important – it should contain the smallest amount of water possible before tumble drying. Please do not let the duvet be soaked or wet for a long time.

Tumble Drying
We recommend tumble drying the kapok duvet immediately after ended wash. It is preferable tumble drying the duvet separately. We suggest tumbling the kapok duvet for 30 minutes on high heat. Next, let the duvet airdry for 30 minutes to one hour. At this point you can feel if the kapok duvet is still damp. Repeat as many times as necessary, until the duvet is completely dry.
Note. Drying a kapok product is a bit time consuming, but if you would like to benefit from the amazing features of the kapok material, it is definitely worth it.

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