Soft Toys

Soft Toys

We have a lovely range of cute and stylish range soft toys and teddy's by Albetta, Maileg and Living Nature.

Rolling Bear Toy by Konges Slojd
Konges Slojd

Rolling Bear - Konges Slojd

Price: £45.00
Living Nature Brown Bear

Brown Bear Toy - Living Nature

Price: £24.00
Knitted Mermaid by Meri Meri

Knitted Mermaid - Meri Meri

Price: £38.00
Knitted Dog Toy

Knitted Dog- Meri Meri

Price: £38.00
Knitted Unicorn Toy

Knitted Unicorn - Meri Meri

Price: £38.00
Julia Bunny

Julia Bunny - Maileg

Price: £48.00

'Mega' Sleepy-Wakey Bambi by Maileg

Price: £49.00
Knitted blue & grey shark toy on a cushion

Sharky knitted baby toy

Price: £15.00