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Creating A Luxury Playroom For Your Little One

It goes without saying that every child would love to have their very own playroom. Getting a whole space to themselves where they can play with their toys would be a dream come true. As a parent, it is amazing being able to provide your little one with a room where their imagination can run wild as well. Of course, it prevents their toys from cluttering up elsewhere in your home too which is always an added bonus. When it comes to creating a beautiful yet functional space for your little one, you may be unsure where to start and it is fair to say that decorating a luxury playroom is very different from decorating a bedroom. If you’re looking for some guidance in this regard, our team here at Nubie have put together some helpful tips for designing a playroom. Hopefully, you will be able to create a space that your child loves but is still chic and complements the rest of your home.

Find out what your little one would like

A great place to start when working on a playroom design is to ask your child what they’d like. Of course, it is likely that their list of requests will be incredibly long and often quite extravagant, but you may find that it gives you some inspiration. It is important to create a space they love too, after all, they will be spending the most time here.

Keep the colour scheme neutral

It is always a good idea to keep the colour scheme neutral in a luxury playroom, this makes it much easier to change and adapt the space as your little one grows. If you have neutral paint or wallpaper on the walls, you can then accessorise with colour and bring in splashes of bold accents elsewhere in the room to add texture and bring it to life.

Consider hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is always a safe bet when you have children. If you know that activities like colouring and painting will happen in this room, then having a cleanable floor will be much less stressful for you. You always have the option to add something like a big fluffy rug too, so you can still create a cosy space.

Ensure you have plenty of storage

This may be fairly obvious, but it is likely that you will require much more storage than you initially assume. Consider a range of storage solutions, from toy boxes through to floor standing bookcases, so you can ensure that everything has a home. Of course, you should make use of the wall space too and consider adding shelves and hooks to free up some floor space.

Create different areas/zones

When creating a luxury playroom, it is helpful to try and keep the space organised. Try to create different areas/zones for specific activities. For example, you may have a bean bag next to a bookshelf for a little reading nook. The zones you create will differ depending on your little one’s interests, but it can be a brilliant way to prevent chaos.

Keep the playroom furniture to a minimum

Floor space is important in a playroom, after all, your child needs to actually have space to play. So, when you’re looking at different kids playroom furniture, consider what is essential and what you could potentially do without. Depending on how big the room is, you may end up with only a couple of pieces of furniture in here and that’s absolutely fine.

Designing a luxury playroom

Now you have some inspiration and some useful tips, hopefully, you will find it a little bit easier to start designing your child’s playroom. There is no denying that whatever size or shape this room may be, your options are limitless in terms of design and you can easily create a fun space that your little one loves. It is likely that once you get started, you will find designing this room really enjoyable and as mentioned above, you can even get your child involved too. When searching for somewhere to purchase kids playroom furniture or accessories and decorative items, be sure to visit the Nubie website. As a modern children’s boutique, you can trust us that our store is brimming with luxurious beautiful designs from leading independent brands. Should you require any help with the interior design of this room, we will happily assist you with this too. You can request a free design consultation with a member of our talented team who can help turn your dream playroom into reality.

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