mid sleeper bed is higher than a standard framed bed but not as high as a bunk bed, also known as a Mid Rise bed. 

It is a type of children’s bed that is designed with a raised platform, typically elevated to a height between a standard toddler bed and a bunk bed.   This style of bed is also sometimes referred to as a “cabin bed” or “mid-height bed.”

Here are some key features and information about mid sleeper beds:

  1. Sturdiness: Mid sleeper beds are designed to be sturdy and safe, with guardrails to prevent falls and ladders or stairs for easy access to the elevated sleeping area.

  2. Space-Saving: These beds are ideal for smaller bedrooms or rooms where maximizing space is essential. By creating an additional usable area beneath the bed, mid sleeper beds help make the most of available space.

  3. Ages: Mid sleeper beds are generally designed for older toddlers, children, and even teenagers