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Designing A Beautiful Scandinavian Playroom

A lot of the time, when parents have a spare unused room in their home, they will turn this into a playroom for their children and it goes without saying that there are numerous benefits to doing so. Not only can you guarantee that your little ones will love having their own space where they can play with their toys and let their imagination run wild, but it also helps you to keep all of their toys in one place and prevent them from taking over your home too.

When designing a playroom, similarly to children’s bedrooms, many will choose to do so with the Scandinavian style in mind. Scandinavian design is simplistic and minimalistic yet functional and it really is perfect for a children’s playroom. If you’re interested in creating a Scandinavian playroom and you’re unsure where to even start, keep reading today. Below are some tips that will help you to transform your spare room into a beautiful contemporary playroom.

Give the room a neutral base

Even though using light colours in a playroom may seem like a daunting idea, muted colours are at the heart of Scandinavian design, so using a neutral colour palette is essential. If you paint the walls with whites, creams or greys, this will give you a brilliant neutral base to work with. You can then add accent colours elsewhere with accessories and decor items.

Make storage a priority

This is important for any playroom, but even more so for a Scandinavian playroom. You should aim to keep the room clutter-free and give your little one plenty of floor space for them to play, so ensure that you invest in adequate storage solutions. As well as the obvious; bookcases, shelves and cabinets, you should invest in some toy boxes and toy bags too.

Keep the furniture to a minimum

Unlike a bedroom, there aren’t really any ‘essential’ items for a playroom, so you have more flexibility when choosing which Scandinavian children’s furniture to put in the room. Commonly, as well as required storage solutions, parents will have a table and chairs in the playroom but other than this, you don’t necessarily need any other big pieces of furniture. If you want to fill some of the spare floor space, why not purchase a teepee or a bean bag/floor cushion.

Separate the room into zones

It will be incredibly difficult to keep a playroom with no order or control looking good, so when designing the room, think about how you can break up the space into different zones. For example, you could have a reading nook and chillout zone in one corner, a colouring and craft station in another and then keep the centre of the room as free floor space. You will probably find that this makes the room look bigger too.

Lay hardwood flooring and use a rug

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to have hardwood flooring in a playroom and this is also in keeping with the Scandinavian style. To make the room feel more cosy and comfortable, you can add a playful children’s rug to the centre of the space or in one of the zones. This can also help to bring some personality into the room too.

Invest in high-quality toys

Designing a playroom is the perfect time to have a clearout and you should swap any toys that no longer get used for new high-quality toys that aren’t just fun to play with but that also look good on display. Look for wooden and wicker toys in neutral colours, they will fit perfectly in a Scandinavian playroom and can even be passed down through the generations.

Purchasing Scandinavian children’s furniture

All in all, there are so many benefits to having a dedicated playroom for your little ones and when opting to decorate and furnish the room in a Scandinavian style, you can trust that it will be timeless. Hopefully, the tips above will help you as you start to design your Scandinavian playroom and you will now find it easier to create somewhere that your children can enjoy playing but that also looks amazing too.

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