Nordic Childrens Decor

The Perfect Accessories To Compliment Nordic Children's Decor

Nordic interior design, also referred to a Scandinavian style, is incredibly popular for children’s bedrooms these days and this minimalistic look works in any shape and size of room. There is real beauty in the simplicity of Nordic design and many love the clean lines and overall airy feel. Thankfully, it can be reasonably easy to achieve independently and highlighting specific trends such as subdued colour pallets and negative space, will help you to bring this style to life. Many parents find it easy to purchase Nordic kids furniture for their little one’s bedroom. With the help of brands like Oliver Furniture and Cam Cam Copenhagen, it is easier than ever before to furnish a Nordic-inspired room. However, many struggle when it comes to the finishing touches and it can be challenging to know what accessories work well with Nordic children’s decor. It goes without saying that it is these smaller details that really make a room, so to give parents some inspiration in this regard, below is a list of accessories that you can rely on to perfectly complement Nordic children’s decor.

Animal wall art/prints

Often, when sticking to a neutral colour palette and having light walls, one of the best ways to stop them from looking bare is to add some wall art. Animal prints are brilliant for Nordic children’s decor, and they work well in any bedroom. You can get some beautiful real-life pictures from The Animal Print Shop or some hand-drawn images from Little Paperie Cushions and throws One way to instantly make your child’s room a cosy safe haven is to add some cushions and throws/blankets to the bed. As you may expect, there are lots of different designs to choose from in this regard and in order to add some texture to the room, pay attention to the materials and colours you’re choosing. You will easily be able to find something to complement the decor.

Children’s rugs

Many opt to have light wooden flooring in their children’s room and there are lots of benefits to this. When creating your Nordic children’s decor, you may want to consider adding a rug to help lift this hardwood flooring. No matter what size the room may be, you will be able to find a children’s run that is the perfect size and shape.

Teepee tents and toy boxes

If you have lots of spare floor space once you have purchased your Nordic kid’s furniture, you may find that the room looks empty. While you want a minimalistic style, you still want the space to be full and remember that this is a child’s bedroom too. Why not purchase a teepee tent or a toy box that will not only fill some of your space but also help you to keep your little one’s toys tidy too.

Shelves and clothes hooks

Another way to add some texture to the space is to have some visible storage solutions. For example, shelves and clothes hooks allow you to display some of your little one’s favourite items which will bring some personality into the room as well. You will find that when used correctly, they can easily complement your Nordic children’s decor too.

Purchasing Nordic kids furniture and accessories

Hopefully, the items mentioned above will work perfectly with the Nordic children’s decor that you have planned for your little one’s bedroom. It is likely that if you feel as though something is missing at the moment, then these accessories can make a huge difference, and you will notice how they add some life into the space. Even if not everything mentioned above will work in your children’s room, it will give you an idea of the types of things to add. When searching for Nordic kids furniture or accessories, be sure to visit the Nubie website. We have lots of beautiful items that have been designed and manufactured by incredible independent designers, some of which you will recognise. You can guarantee that you will find plenty of items that will complement your Nordic children’s design. With many unique accessories that you’re unlikely to come across elsewhere, we are the best site to shop on. If you have any questions at all about the products you’ve seen, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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