Scandinavian Design Small Bedroom

Tips For Furnishing A Small Scandinavian Style Bedroom

Working on a Scandinavian design for a small bedroom can be a challenge and many parents aren’t sure how to furnish a smaller space. Whilst creating a beautiful bedroom for your little one should be an exciting task, often when the room is smaller this excitement can be replaced with stress and frustration. Thankfully, no matter what size the space may be, when using the right tips and tricks you can still create an amazing Scandinavian bedroom for children. To help any parents who feel as though they’re restricted with their Scandinavian design for a small bedroom and don’t know what furniture to purchase, our team here at Nubie have put together some helpful tips. Below is a list of things that are worthwhile bearing in mind when you’re furnishing a small Scandinavian style bedroom, and thankfully, you can still purchase the Scandinavian furniture that you love.

Always purchase the essentials first

No matter how old your little one may be, whether you’re creating a baby’s nursery to a toddlers room, you should always purchase the essentials first. Ideally, start with the bed or the cot and ensure that this piece of furniture is right before you invest in any extras. Make sure that you only get furniture that you really need too, this will prevent the room from being crowded.

Ensure you have plenty of storage solutions

All bedrooms need to have lots of storage, especially children’s bedrooms, and when you don’t have much space in the room, your storage solutions are really important. Ensuring that everything has a home will help you to keep the Scandi bedroom free of clutter, as it should be. Don’t be afraid to use multiple different solutions either, find what works best for the space.

Keep the layout nice and simple

It can be easy to overcomplicate things for yourself when you’re working on a Scandinavian design for a small bedroom, but really you just need to keep things simple. This is especially important for the layout of the room, which many people seem to struggle with the most. Think of the flow of the room and ensure you’re placing the furniture where it makes sense for it to go.

Make the most of the wall space

When creating a Scandinavian design for a small room, trying to keep the floor space free will make a big difference. Instead of purchasing bedroom furniture that takes up the floor space, you should use the wall space instead. For example, put up some shelves instead of getting a bookcase if you don’t have lots of spare floor space.

Consider multi-use Scandinavian furniture

Nowadays, many bedroom furniture designers create multi-use pieces of furniture and these are perfect for small bedrooms. Something like a chest of draws that doubles up as a changing table or a toy box that is also a bench will help to reduce the amount of furniture you need to purchase. Of course, this will also help with keeping floor space free too.

Take advantage of the Scandinavian style

The fact that Scandinavian interior design is a characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality means that it is perfect for a small bedroom. You can keep things fairly bare and the room will still be in line with the style. Often, people have white walls and light colour schemes too which helps to lighten the room, giving an airy open effect.

Furnishing a small Scandinavian style bedroom

Hopefully, when working on your little one’s bedroom design, the tips above can really help you to make the most of the space that you have. Knowing that you can still create a beautiful Scandinavian style bedroom, no matter how small the room may be, will help to make the whole process much more enjoyable. So, you can still get excited about transforming the room into a perfect Scandinavian bedroom for your little one. If you’re looking for somewhere to purchase Scandinavian furniture in the UK, please visit the Nubie website today. As an independent children’s lifestyle store, you can trust that we can provide you with everything you need to create a perfect bedroom for your little one. With lots of leading brands and beautiful designs to choose from, you will never struggle to find Scandinavian furniture that fits your small bedroom. If you need any assistance at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will happily help you.

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