Ways To Make Use Of The Space Under Your Child's Loft Bed

These days, if a child has their own room and where bunk beds aren’t necessary, lots of parents will choose loft beds for their little ones instead. There is no denying that there are numerous benefits to this type of bed and not only do children love these high sleeper beds, but they help you to make the most of the space you have in your child’s room too. From kids low loft beds through to teens high sleepers, there is the perfect fun solution for all ages. When deciding to choose a loft bed for your child’s bedroom, you will immediately notice that you have lots of room underneath the bed that you can take advantage of. You may find that some good quality children’s beds come with added extras for this space which is brilliant, but if they don’t, you can easily make use of this space yourself too. If you’re looking for some inspiration for the space under your child’s loft bed, keep reading today.

Desks and chair

This is probably one of the most common uses for the space under a high or low loft bed, especially as children start to get older. Having a full size or corner desk and a chair neatly tucked away under the bed is such a brilliant idea for somewhere your children can do their homework or enjoy drawing etc. Some loft beds even come with a desk attached too.


Many parents tend to take advantage of this space for storage if their children’s room is quite small. You can either use your own storage solutions under a loft bed, or purchase a bed that can come with additional storage. Whether you’re looking for a kid’s low loft bed with big draws or a mixture of shelves and drawers, you will easily find something that works perfectly.


You may even find that if you choose a high sleeper with enough room underneath that you’re able to fit a wardrobe in this space too. Whilst you’re unlikely to get a full-sized wardrobe in, you can definitely get something big enough for your child’s clothes. It is worthwhile considering this option if you can as wardrobes tend to take up quite a lot of floor space.

Play dens

Lots of children will probably want to opt for this under their bed if they get the choice. Many low loft beds, in particular, tend to come with the option of a play den underneath. From classic pull curtain designs to wildlife or funland themed drop-down curtain designs, there is a play den loft bed that is perfect for every child’s bedroom, no matter what the interior design may be.

Futon sofa/bed

This is a brilliant option as your child gets older and has friends round for a sleepover. If you don’t need a bunk bed all the time, this is a great alternative. Again, some loft beds will come with a futon, so you won’t need to worry about finding one that fits. You will probably even be able to get a futon underneath some kid’s low loft beds too if you wanted to.

Seating area

When your child spends a lot of time in their bedroom with friends, it may be worth considering putting a small seating area underneath their bed. A bed with benches underneath, for example, doesn’t just give your child somewhere to play and chat with their friends, but it gives them some additional storage and still lots of spare floor space as well. Seating is a brilliant choice.

Purchasing good quality children’s beds

All in all, there are so many brilliant, fun and unique ways you can transform the space underneath your child’s loft bed into somewhere for them to spend their spare time. After all, one of the biggest benefits of this type of bed is the additional floor space, so you should ensure that you’re using it. Of course, you can always change the way you use this space over time as your little one grows up and their needs change too. If you’re looking to purchase a good quality children’s bed for your little one, whether you’re looking for a kids low loft bed, a high sleeper or something completely different, visit the Nubie website today. We specialise in luxury kids furniture, so you can trust that we will have a beautiful selection of beds for you to choose from. As well as providing you with good quality children’s beds, we can also supply you with duvets, blankets and quilts too, not forgetting lots of other amazing bits and bobs for your child’s bedroom. Enjoy browsing our website today.

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