Lisa created DockATot when her son was born and she was looking for not only a versatile and convenient little space for babies but also something that was comforting for the baby and didn't compromise on style.

The DockATots have become staples for mother all over the world. Designed in Sweden the DockATot is one of the first items on all new mothers list and is the perfect generous gift!

We love the new designs and here at Nubie we have chosen a curated set to sell to our customers.

The white is the perfect option for mothers and fathers unsure of what they are having or how to design their nurseries.

When it came through to us that DockATot was using some William Morris designs we fell in love instantly! We love the use of the traditional timeless designs and we think it adds a touch of luxury and tradition.

The DockATot is perfect for giving your baby a little extra comfort and who could want more for their little one!