Rafa Kids Rocking Baby Cot in Black


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Rafa Kids Rocking Baby Cot in Black is a stand out product in the market! This cot is adaptable to your child’s needs from baby to new born (until the age of 3).

Inspired by the gentle movements of a parent cradling a child. The rocking motion helps the baby to feel secure and calm, making it easier to drift off to sleep.

The mattress can be positioned high up for easy access to your new-born and lowered once your baby grows and begins to sit up.

Removing three bars allows your child to gain more independence without the need to try and climb out of their cot using the rails! Once your little one grows a little more you can remove one side as a gentle transition to a toddler bed. Both sides can be removed for a fully open cot to give your little one full independence.

The Cot is produced in Europe with superb technical skill and meets all European Safety standards.

Here is a short video of the cot in action.

We also sell the coordinating furniture to match the Cot, including the Wardrobe, Dresser and Nursing Chairs.  An overview of the Rafa Kids Nursery range can be found here.

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