Best Rugs For Children's Rooms

Finding The Best Rugs For Children's Rooms

When decorating your children’s room, as well as thinking about the colour scheme and the layout of the furniture, you will also need to decide on the type of flooring you’re going to have. This is often something that is overlooked, and it can be easy to forget about this part of the design. These days, many parents opt for wooden or laminate flooring in their children’s room, and there are numerous benefits to choosing these options over carpet. When installing an easy to clean hard flooring, you may find that to add some life and texture to the room, a bedroom rug will be a brilliant addition. These days, there is such a vast range of different rugs available for your little one’s room, and you can guarantee that there will be lots of options that complement the rest of the interior design, so you’re likely to be spoilt for choice. To help anyone trying to find the best rug for their children’s room, below are some things to take into consideration. 

The size and shape of the rug

One of the first things to think about when choosing the best rugs for children’s rooms is the size required. It is crucial to ensure that the rug will be in proportion with the rest of the room and you ideally don’t want it to be too big or too small. So, think about the spare floor space you have and how much of this you would like to cover with the rug. Nowadays, bedroom rugs come in such a vast range of shapes too, from classic rectangles and circles to more unique clouds and love hearts, so think about how much of a statement you want to make with the shape of the rug. You may even find that you can get something that works with the specific theme of the room.

The colour and pattern of the rug

You also need to think about what colour you would like the rug to be. As you may expect, you can get such a huge range of different colours, from pastel shades to brighter colours, and you will easily be able to find something that works with your children’s bedroom decor. Consider whether you want something contrasting to your colour scheme or not. Of course, you can get lots of beautiful patterned children’s rugs too, and if you think that you’d prefer something with a bit more detail, then these are a good idea. This pattern could be something simple like an or a zigzag pattern, and it will still bring some life into the room. Patterns can be a good choice if your colour scheme is quite neutral as well.

The material that the rug is made from

As expected, bedroom rugs are made from a range of different materials too and not only can you get super soft shaggy rugs, but you can even get unique harder woven rugs too. Think about which type of material would be best in your little one’s room, often their age will help you to figure out what is best. When looking at materials, it is always beneficial to check how the rug can be cleaned and if it is machine washable as well. While this might not necessarily be something you had thought of initially, you will thank yourself in the long run if the rug can be sponged down or popped in the washing machine.

Choosing the best rug for your children’s room

Hopefully, when thinking about everything mentioned above and taking into account your children’s bedroom decor and the furniture that you’re interested in, you will find it much easier to narrow down the vast range of bedroom rugs available. You can guarantee that when you choose the best rug for your child’s room, it will make such a big difference to the space and instantly make it more homely, so don’t overlook this brilliant accessory. When searching for somewhere to purchase children’s bedroom rugs from, be sure to visit the Nubie website. We have a huge range of beautifully designed and well-made rugs and cushions for you to choose from and we can also provide you with lots of other children’s bedroom decor items and accessories too. With our help, you can easily brighten up your little one’s room and create a cosy place for them to enjoy spending time in. If you have any questions at all about the children’s rugs you’ve seen on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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