An eyecatching princess style bunk bed by Lifetime

Lifetime Kids: The Products That Will Catch Your Eye

When you first hear the news that you are going to become a parent, the rush of emotions that you feel is hard to put into words. After the initial shock and excitement, however, you will start to comprehend the amount of planning that is ahead of you. First-and-foremost, you need to try and prepare for your baby’s arrival by creating a bespoke bedroom for them. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you have all the furniture that you could possibly need. Here, Lifetime Kids is an obvious choice of brand, and Nubie’s team of experts are on-hand to shed some light on their best-selling options.

Cotton Ball Lights

Whilst you will no-doubt take the time to find a main light fitting that suits your child’s bedroom, you may overlook the need for additional accessories that offer a warm glow. If you were to take the time to appreciate the Cotton Ball Lights that come from Lifetime Kids, however, it is highly-likely that you will view them as a must-have option. These can be placed atop the curtain rail, for instance, and have an immediate impact on the overall atmosphere of the room.

Semi High Bed

Although this is far from being the largest bed coming from the Lifetime Kids collection, it is fair to say that the Semi High Bed has a number of unique selling points. First-and-foremost, it is rather compact, making it the ideal option for anyone that is trying to save space. Whatsmore, the minimalist design means that it is in-keeping with the latest interior design trends that have been sweeping across the country. For those of you that want to combine style and substance, this is certainly a viable option.

Double Wardrobe

Speak to any parent in the UK, and they will tell you that one of their main causes for concern is in relation to the storage capabilities of their child’s bedroom. With so many pieces of clothing from which to choose from, you cannot underestimate the value that a wardrobe has. It is for this reason, then, that it could be worthwhile investigating the possibility of buying Lifetime Kids’ Double Wardrobe. This will save you a significant amount of stress further down the line, which arguably makes this unit more-important than the others to make it onto this list.

Play Tower

It is important that you recognise that Lifetime Kids is not a firm that only deals with functional pieces of furniture. Case-and-point, since its release their Play Tower has been flying off of the shelves at an unprecedented rate, and rightfully so. From the moment that you place this in your child’s bedroom, it will be the main attraction. Whenever they want their imagination to run wild, they can do-so whilst climbing up the small ramp, with the aid of a dangling rope.

Get In Touch Today

When you are on the hunt for a manufacturer that, above all-else, looks to make their child-friendly products safe to use, yet also manages to inject some style into them, it is hard for your attention to immediately be drawn towards Lifetime Kids. If any of the previously-mentioned products have caught your eye, you may be thinking of placing an order sooner rather than later. Should this be the case, you needn’t look elsewhere for a retailer - Nubie is glad to assist you. Our catalogue is always well-stocked with options, and we maintain competitive-yet-affordable pricing across the board. If you would like to make an initial inquiry in the not-so-distant future, the number that you need to call is 01825 724160.

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