Nubie’s Top Tips On Improving The State Of Your Child’s Bedroom

Nubie’s Top Tips On Improving The State Of Your Child’s Bedroom

Over the years, the team here at Nubie have been involved in countless projects. Some days, our representatives will look at the beds that will fit smoothly-and-seamlessly into the pre-decorated bedrooms of our clients. Other instances have seen us point our customers in the direction of storage options that they may not have previously been aware of. The reason that we want to draw your attention to this is because, thanks to our expertise, we are now in a position whereby we can offer insightful tips-and-tricks in relation to decorating your kid’s room in a first-class manner.

Install Wall Shelves

At first glance, you might think that >wall shelves are a rather basic option, and one that you would like to stay-away from. However, if you take the time to find the shelves that are to your liking, you will quickly realise that these can have a major part to play in years to come. Initially, you might opt to keep baby essentials atop these, so that they remain out of reach of your kids. Further down the line, these can be excellent at displaying, for instance, family photographs and precious momentos.

Consider Using Wallpaper

Although there is certainly nothing wrong with choosing to paint the walls of your kid’s bedroom, this can cause certain issues to arise at a later date. Paintwork is notorious for chipping, and this can be a tricky problem to resolve in a short space of time. A preferable alternative would be to go out of your way to select visually-stunning wallpaper. This can immediately brighten-up a bedroom, and subsequently create a positive atmosphere.

Purchase A Bunk Bed

Putting a bunk bed in a child’s bedroom is one of the easiest ways in which to make a statement. These are, after-all, considerably larger than the usual furniture pieces that you find in this type of room. The fact that this unit is able to be used for sleeping purposes, whilst simultaneously giving you a new-found level of storage, is a selling-point that is not discussed enough. Factor in the various designs on-offer, and you are left with a bedding option with very little in the way of flaws.

Invest In A Toy Box

Whilst it might not seem like the most-important thing in the world, you would be surprised at the sizable impact that can be made by having a toy box in your child’s room. With this, you will be able to leave the days of clutter and disorganisation behind you. Never again will you have to worry about the loose toys being trip hazards. Instead, you can inject some much-needed order into the bedroom, which can otherwise be difficult to do.

Time To Get Started

Are you tired of your child’s bedroom constantly being a mess, and believe that the best way to address this is to invest in a top-of-the-range wardrobe? Have your kid’s recently been complaining about a lack of colour in their bedroom, and subsequently find yourself hunting for aesthetically-pleasing wallpaper designs? When you come to Nubie, you don’t have to worry - we have you covered. With a seemingly-endless list of products from which to choose from, it won’t take long to discover something that catches your eye. Whatsmore, our prices are routinely praised for being affordable, something that should not fly under the radar. To those of you that have any questions about the advice that has been impared above, we recommend that you put them in writing and send them directly to us at

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