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Oliver Furniture Products That Will Look Amazing In Your Home

In case you didn’t already realise it, few manufacturers of children’s furniture can match the skill or prowess which is exhibited by the Oliver Furniture team. Since 2003, they have been creating high-quality pieces which are based on simple designs, yet exhibit first-class visuals. The company is based in Scandinavia, and has used its heritage to fuel the catalogue of options which they currently preside over. Here at Nubie, we are proud to have a number of their products within our collection - therefore, we are well-placed to provide a guide to the units which would be a welcome addition to your home.

Junior Table

Despite the fact that it may not have been the first type of product to come to mind, you can hopefully appreciate the benefits associated with having a Junior Table within your child’s bedroom. Oliver Furniture have, for many years, professed to be fans of boosting productivity; this can be easily achieved when you introduce a desk into the overall set-up. As the years go by, this can be used for homework and other suck tasks, and can help to foster a hard-working spirit.


The moment that you clap your eyes on the Co-Sleeper, you will hopefully come to the realisation that this is unlike any cradle that you have seen before. The wheels that it has fitted means that you can place this wherever you wish, and can be moved around with ease. The curtain which hangs over this means that, at a moment's notice, you can bathe your baby in darkness - this should certainly help them to fall asleep.

Loft Bed

Though the name is relatively self-explanatory, we are still pleased to elaborate on what you can expect from the Loft Bed. In essence, this is a product that is split into two. On the top, you have a classic bed that you can access via a ladder. However, it is what lies beneath which is so intriguing. Hidden by a curtain, there is a little area that can be used for playtime. You could use this as an area to put toys away whilst they are not in use; alternatively, you might let your child’s imagination run wild, and let them use it as they see fit.

Six Drawer Dresser

Originating from their seaside collection, the Six Drawer Dresser is a basic product that instead focuses on being perfect from a functional perspective. This is the perfect piece of furniture for the modern family that is looking to try and adhere to the minimalist interior design trend which is currently in full-force. The defined clean lines and edges that it has ensures that, in terms of aesthetics, you will not be left with a sense of disappointment.

How Can We Assist You?

Are you someone that values simple aesthetics, and think that you want this to come across in the type of furniture within your child’s bedroom? Do you value time-tested methods of manufacturing, and want to buy products that can easily stand the test of time? If either of these statements applies to you, you are in luck - Nubie is here to help. To us, it does not matter whether you are looking to purchase a cot bed for your baby, or a bunk bed that can accommodate your twins. We have always aspired to leave our customers smiling-and-satisfied regardless of their needs, and this is something which we do not fall short on. For those of you looking for more information on our capabilities, you can find the information that you need to get in touch detailed on our website’s contact page.

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