Desirable pieces of the oliver furniture range

Oliver Furniture’s Most-Desirable Pieces Of 2021

Picture the scene: you have recently found out that you and your partner are expecting a new addition to the family, and are subsequently in full-blown planning mode. Regardless of the amount of time that you have left before the due-date, it is natural that you will want to do everything in your power to put-together a first-class bedroom for your baby. Although you are not short on options, here at Nubie we feel that Oliver Furniture is well-suited to being your brand of choice. As we are past the halfway point of 2021, we have taken the liberty of showcasing their best-selling options from this year.

Who Is Oliver Furniture?

Understandably, you will be keen to see which of the high-quality pieces originating from Oliver Furniture are a good-fit for your home. However, before we get into the details, we feel that it is important that you educate yourself on the brand itself. Having originally been started-up by cabinetmaker and designer Søren Robæk in 2003, this is a company that has gone from strength-to-strength in the intervening years. The units that originate from this manufacturer centre on the Scandinavian tradition of wood-based furniture. Although it is well-known that Oliver Furniture creates pieces that are considered to be works of art, you might not have understood as to why they have always focussed on simple aesthetics, rather than complicated designs.

Seaside Six-Drawer Dresser

You will most-likely agree that when you are designing a bedroom, you need to be mindful of your storage capabilities. Babies often have a large-number of outfits from which to choose from, and this means that you need somewhere to keep the excess clothing items. From Oliver Furniture’s seaside collection, you will find a delightful Six-Drawer Dresser. Although you might not think it, the basic visuals are fantastic, as it means that you can go for any colour scheme that you desire.

Oak Mini Cot

At the beginning, the chances are that you won’t be focusing too-much on the long-term when you are buying furniture pieces. That being said, it wouldn’t harm you to purchase units that can be easily-adapted to cope with your needs. This is where the Oak Mini Cot really comes into its own. Despite appearing to be a run-of-the-mill cot bed, in reality you can also alter it with ease into a junior or loft bed. The shelflife of this particular unit is certainly a selling-point that cannot be disregarded.

Storage Boxes

For those of you that are planning to host a baby shower, you can expect to be bombarded with dozens of presents that can be used by your little-one when they are old enough. Unfortunately, this raises the problem of finding somewhere to house cuddly animals and other toys. Thankfully, you won’t have too-much of a headache if you were proactive and invested in the Storage Boxes designed by Oliver Furniture. These are key for anyone that wants to have a neat-and-tidy home.

Take The Next Step

By now, you should have gotten a feel for the way in which Oliver Furniture is able to highlight the natural beauty that can be found in timber furniture. Whatsmore, your interest may have been piqued by some of the units that have been mentioned above. If this is the case, and you think that you could see these in your child’s bedroom, it is important that you give Nubie a call on 01825 724160. We have been selling these pieces of furniture for a number of years, meaning that we are able to advise on which course of action you should look to take. Our time-tested services will not let you down, of that you can be certain.

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