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The Best Faux Animal Head Wall Mounts For Children's Rooms

Many parents find themselves looking for unique ways to brighten up their children’s bedroom decor, and thankfully there are lots of different options to choose from. Whilst wallpaper is a classic that has been used by many in the past, especially when creating a feature wall, it isn’t uncommon for wall art and prints to be more popular nowadays and there are so many benefits to opting for this type of children’s room/nursery decor. One type of wall decor that many parents aren’t even aware of but that can be a brilliant addition to a little one’s bedroom is; faux animal head wall mounts. Even if you don’t necessarily want to create a bedroom that is nature/animal-themed, you should consider animal head wall decor, and you will be surprised just how amazing they can look in even the most modern minimalistic rooms. If you’re interested in this unique decor, below are some of the best faux animal head wall mounts to consider.

Wild & Soft Animal Heads

When looking for gorgeous animal accessories for your little one’s bedroom, Wild & Soft Animal Heads< is one of the very best brands to turn to. They offer a range of incredibly soft beanbags and multi-purpose blankets/fancy dress outfits that will perfectly complement any interior design and of course, they work brilliantly with their animal head wall decor items too. Wild & Soft Animal Heads can provide you with trios of mini heads, like their safari heads, or individual bigger heads, like their flamingo head or zebra head. No matter which animal head/s you choose, they will be incredibly easy to put up on the wall; simply hang them up using the loop on the reverse side of their head.We love Wild & Soft Animal Heads because all of their faux animal head wall mounts don’t just come in a cute presentation box, but they also have a little blurb all about them too. You can take a look at the shark head’s blurb over on our website today.

Fiona Walker

Another amazing collection of faux animal head wall mounts is the one created by British designer Fiona Walker, and you should also take a look at these when investing in this type of decor. All of these hand-crafted products are created with ethically manufactured materials and are 100% felted wool outside and 100% polyfill fibre inside.Again, Fiona Walker has designed many mini heads, from monkey heads to hippo heads, that can be grouped in your little one’s room. Many parents like that they can mix and match from this range of mini heads to create a combination that is perfect for the space they’re decorating. We love the fact that some of these animal head wall decor items are also made with handy hooks for hats, bags, dressing gowns or cots. So, not only are they a beautiful addition to the room, but they are useful too. Take a look at the elephant hook today.

Purchasing animal head wall decor online

All in all, there is no denying that faux animal head wall mounts can be a brilliant addition to both children’s bedrooms and nurseries. With such a huge range of different animal heads to choose from these days too, you can easily choose an animal that your little one loves and that works perfectly with the colour scheme or the theme of their bedroom. They really are one of the most unique ways to bring some texture, life and personality into a space. When searching for somewhere that you can purchase animal head wall decor online, be sure to visit the Nubie website, we have a huge range of beautiful high-quality faux animal head wall mounts for you to choose from and you will find everything mentioned above over on our site. Feel free to browse the product images and read the descriptions, but if you have any unanswered questions about the items you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist you further.

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