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Wallpaper: A Parent’s Dream Purchase

When you have young children, the chances are that they will routinely be looking to change their bedroom around.

Decorating your child's room can be a delightful adventure filled with endless possibilities. One of the most creative and transformative ways to make their space truly special is by choosing the right wallpaper and allows you to infuse a sense of wonder, playfulness, and personality into their room.

As they begin to get older, their tastes will change, and this means that you can expect to have to redecorate on a consistent basis. Thankfully, if you are using wallpaper, this is a project that can be completed with relative ease.

Here to explain why you should make the swap sooner rather than later, are the Nubie specialists.

Easily Applied

If you have ever attempted to paint the interior of your home alone, you will no-doubt appreciate the level of hassle that is associated with this type of process. Not only is it notoriously difficult to cut-in around sockets and other wall-mounted units, but you must also apply a secondary coating once the first has dried. In comparison, you can finish your wallpapering job in a matter of hours, after which your time is your own.

Unparalleled Lifespan

This is a point that is only true if you take the care that is necessary to apply your wallpaper in a top-tier fashion. If you take your time, and ensure that it is hung precisely as it should, it should have no-trouble lasting for up to a decade. This is incredible, particularly when you think that paint fades over a short space of time, meaning that you will consistently need to purchase new pots every couple of years.

Cost-Effective Investment

On the face of it, you may feel as if you would be better-off buying paint - after-all, it is cheaper for a few cans of high-quality paint, as opposed to bespoke wallpaper. However, when you look a little closer at the situation, you will see that you can consider wallpaper to be something of a cost-effective investment. The reason for this is purely down to the amount of time that you can rely on wallpaper. Year-after-year, it will adorn the walls of your child’s bedroom - its aesthetics are second-to-none, and we guarantee that this is a purchase that you will have no-regrets about.

Unlimited Potential

Arguably the main reason that you should look at buying kid’s wallpaper is that you are spoilt for choice in terms of the designs that are available to you. For infants, you could opt for a calming Pink and Gold Starry Sky or Warm Pink Dusty Hearts wallpaper - both of these will ensure that your baby gets a fantastic night’s sleep. Should you be shopping for somebody that is a little older, it could be that the artistic Dark Blue Hollie wallpaper is better-suited. As long as you choose a retailer that has a wealth of experience, such as Nubie, you should be left with a positive outcome.

Want To Enlist Our Help?

Whilst you are perfectly within your rights to decide to use paint on your children’s bedroom wall, the reality of the situation is that the possibilities are seemingly-endless when you start your search for luxury children’s wallpaper. With a range of designers from which to choose from, it will not take long for you to discover the ideal style. For some of you, it could be that patterned wallpaper piques your interest; other readers might simply want a classic colour choice. Regardless of your preferences, you can be certain that the Nubie team will do everything in its power to put a smile on your face. If you think that we are the retailer that you would like to collaborate with, the next step that you need to take is to write to us at

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