Why So Many Parents Love Stokke Cribs And Cotbeds

The crib/cot bed that you purchase for your little one is undeniably one of the most important pieces of furniture that you will invest in for them. Many parents spend a lot of time looking into the different types of cribs and cot beds available and also the numerous different brands that offer these essential pieces of furniture. One brand in particular that many will come across and often eventually purchase from is Stokke. Stokke is a Norwegian company that sells children’s furniture worldwide. They are well known within the industry for making beautiful furniture and challenging the ordinary. All of their products have one common purpose - to encourage child development and to nurture family bonding. Many parents love Stokke Sleepi cribs and cot beds and they are well worth looking into further if you’re searching for the perfect place for your little one to sleep. If you’re wondering what makes their Sleepi cribs and cot beds so popular, keep reading today.

Classic minimalist look

One of the first things that draws parents attention to the Stokke Sleepi beds is their minimalistic design. They also have a distinctive oval shape which instantly sets them apart from the many rectangular cribs and cot beds on the market. Whether you choose a natural wood colour, white or hazy grey, you can trust your little one’s bed will be aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly into their nursery no matter what the colour scheme or interior design may be.

Covert as your baby grows

Often, parents find themselves having to purchase multiple cribs and cot beds as their little one grows, but this isn’t the case with the Stokke Sleepi bed. This design is unique in the fact that it is perfect for your child from the day they’re born through to when they’re approximately 10 years old. Stokke crib conversion kits can expand the bed to accommodate the changing needs and sizes of your growing child, so it is a brilliant investment.

Designed with functionality in mind

The Stokke Sleepi beds aren’t just designed to look good, but they are also done so with functionality and ease of use in mind too. For example, the Stokke cribs and cot beds feature a height-adjustable mattress bottom, making it much easier to lift your child in and out of their bed. When your little one is older, you’re also able to remove one side of the bed to encourage their freedom and independence too.

Easy to move from room to room

Many parents will have their little one’s crib in their bedroom for the first few months and then they have the hassle of moving it into their baby’s nursery. Thankfully, the Stokke crib is prepared for this and features lockable swivel wheels. You can effortlessly move a Stokke Sleepi mini bed from room to room which is undeniably convenient. This also makes it much easier to move furniture around in your little one’s bedroom as they grow.

Made from durable materials

Lastly, Stokke cribs and cot beds are also made from durable solid beech wood, so you will never need to worry about the quality of the Sleepi beds. This piece of furniture has been specifically designed to be used by your child for almost a decade and you can trust that it has been built with materials that enable it to last that long. As a brand, Stokke strives towards sustainable solutions, ensuring longevity to all their products.

Purchasing a Stokke Sleepi from an online shop

It is easy to see why so many parents these days love Stokke cribs and cot beds and it is no surprise that the Sleepi beds are so popular. When wondering which bed you should purchase for your little one, you can guarantee that if you opt for a Stokke crib you won’t be disappointed in your choice. It is worthwhile pointing out that, unlike other brands, Stokke cribs and cot beds come with perfectly fitting cot mattresses too, so you won’t need to worry about having to purchase this separately. If you’d like to find out more about Stokke cribs and cots or if you’re interested in purchasing a Stokke Sleepi from an online shop, please visit the Nubie website today. We are incredibly proud to stock a range of these beautiful beds and you have a selection of different colours to choose from. We can also provide you with additional items such as Stokke high chairs and flexi baths too, so feel free to browse the rest of their range. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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