10 Items to Include in a Scandinavian Style Children’s Bedroom

10 Items to Include in a Scandinavian Style Children’s Bedroom

1: An Unusual Themed Bed

With themed children’s beds, you can create an unusual and exciting Scandi-style bedroom. A themed bed acts as the centrepiece of your child’s bedroom and can get them excited for bedtime. There are children’s beds that look like miniature homes, cabins or treehouses, or beds that resemble tents for children who are budding outdoor enthusiasts. You can even find beds designed to look like cars or other vehicles, including buses and campervans. We offer a range of exciting, themed children’s beds that fit perfectly with Scandinavian styles.

2: Inspiring Wall Art

Scandinavian children’s bedrooms are designed to inspire wonder and imagination. So consider picking out child-friendly wall art for your Scandi-style kid’s bedroom. Wall art can feature fun designs or inspiring sayings and can help children feel imaginative and creative.

3: Wall Stickers

As well as wall art, children’s wall stickers can transform an ordinary wall into a creative backdrop for your child’s bedroom. Turn bedtime into a trip into outer space with star stickers, or transform the bedroom into a jungle expedition with animal stickers. Wall stickers can complement Scandinavian designs and add little details to make your child’s bedroom more fun and exciting. 

4: Cosy Rugs

One thing all Scandinavian countries have in common is none of them are strangers to the cold. So Scandinavian designers often focus on creating a warm and cosy environment. Scandi-style bedrooms often feature wooden floors, so furry or natural-looking rugs warm up the room and make it cosier.

5: Fun Lighting

Lighting is a key element of any Scandinavian room design, as Scandi countries have several months a year with very little daylight. Children’s bedrooms can be brightened and made more exciting with fun lighting options. You could choose fairy lights, character-shaped lamps, or uniquely shaped ceiling lights. One of our most popular lighting options for children’s bedrooms is a hot air balloon ceiling light.

6: Teepee Playhouse

Indoor playhouses can make beautiful additions to children’s bedrooms. And teepee playhouses can fit in perfectly with Scandi-style kids bedrooms. Teepees come in a range of pastel colours to suit neutral Scandinavian designs. These fun, indoor tents give children an exciting and unusual play den, and they have the power to contain playtime mess. 

7: Scatter Cushions

Cushions are another feature of Scandinavian bedrooms that help to create a cosy atmosphere. Scatter cushions can create a colour scheme in your child’s bedroom. For example, you might choose cushions that match the texture and colour of other textiles or materials in the room. Or you could choose a few brightly coloured cushions to contrast neutral colour palettes and add a dash of colour to the room.

8: Warm Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws not only give children extra warmth during cold nights, but they can make a bedroom look more warm and welcoming. They can also play a key role in the overall design of a room, matching or contrasting other colours or textures in the room.

9: A Desk for Homework and Creativity

Including a desk in your child’s bedroom design can encourage them to complete homework and work on their creative projects. They’ll have a space for a range of activities such as writing, drawing, painting, and completing puzzles. Desks can also help you create a Scandinavian style children’s bedroom. Desks can reflect the minimalist style of Scandinavian home design and be made from natural materials in keeping with typical Scandinavian materials. 

10: Tidy Toy Boxes

Minimalism is at the heart of Scandinavian home designs, and that means keeping children’s bedrooms clutter-free (or at least hiding any clutter such as toys and games). Toy boxes are ideal for hiding mess and maintaining the clean and tidy style of a Scandinavian children’s bedroom.

If you’re hoping to create a Scandinavian style bedroom for your children, Nubie can help you find the perfect furniture and home accessories. You can find all of the above items on our online store, or you can visit our showroom in Sussex to see our products for yourself.

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