A child pointing at a luxury bunk bed in a kids bedroom

The Best Luxury Bunk Beds For Children’s Bedrooms

When asking your children what type of bed they would like to have in their shared bedroom, there is a high chance that they will say a bunk bed. It goes without saying really that bunk beds are very popular amongst children and they are probably one of the most sought after types of bed across a range of age groups. Not only are bunk beds really fun for children, but they are also a space-saving solution and they are worth considering when you’re purchasing a new bed for your children. Nowadays, there is such a huge range of bunk beds on the market too, so you will be spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect bed frame for your children’s bedroom. Below we have listed some of the best luxury bunk beds for children, to give you some inspiration.

Train bunk bed

Unlike traditional bunk beds, this type of bunk bed is reminiscent of high-level beds on continental sleeper trains. Train bunk beds are a brilliant multi-purpose piece of furniture and in addition to being two beds, they are also useful storage solutions. The Train Bed by Jotajotape features trundle drawers, a hanging rail and shelves, and you can even incorporate a desk into the design too. This luxury bunk bed is both a stylish and practical option.

Cottage bunk bed

Based on the design of a miniature house, cottage bunk beds enable your children to sleep in their very own dolls house. This type of bunk bed is truly unique and it provides the ‘wow’ factor to any children’s bedroom. The Cottage Bunk Bed by Lagrama is perfect for imaginative children and it is a brilliant place to play as well as sleep. This bed can easily be tailored to complement the decor in your children’s bedroom too.

Tree house bunk bed

Another eye-catching bed frame design is a tree house bunk bed and you can guarantee that this will be a big hit with your children. The Tree House Bunk Bed by Mathy By Bols is a magical space for your children to enjoy and, again, it’s a great play area as well as a bed. You can even upgrade this tree house bunk bed to one with a slide for extra enjoyment. This incredible wooden bunk bed is built with quirky wood panels and it is available in a huge range of colours.

Double bunk bed

Most bunk beds are made from two single beds, however, the bottom bunk of this unique bed design is actually a small double bed. This isn’t the only thing that makes this luxury bunk bed different though, the bottom bunk isn’t in the same direction as the top bunk. The Fargo Loft Bed with Small Double Bed by Little Folks is a great choice when one of your children is older than the other and they’re starting to ask you for a ‘grown-up’ double bed.

Side step bunk bed

Traditionally, bunk beds will have ladders leading to the top bunk and the ladder will be to the side of either the head or the foot of the bottom bunk. However, some bunk beds now come with steps instead of a ladder. The Ergo Bunk Bed by Nidi is ideal for children who aren’t confident using a ladder and the steps even double up as shelves for additional storage too. This contemporary take on a bunk bed is a really stylish solution.

Buying luxury bunk beds for children’s bedrooms

Hopefully, the different luxury bunk beds mentioned above will have given you some inspiration for your children’s shared bedroom. There really is something for everyone on the market when you’re looking at bunk beds these days. Regardless of how big the bedroom may be or how extravagant you want the bed to be, you won’t struggle to find the perfect solution.When you’re wanting to buy a luxury bunk bed for your children, make sure you browse through the rest of the Nubie website today. We stock a vast selection of high-quality bunk beds, loft beds and mid-sleeper beds, and you can trust that we will have a design that meets all of your needs. We are passionate about supplying beautiful modern children’s furniture that has been created by leading independent designers from across the world and all of the pieces on our website are designed to last a lifetime, so you can always purchase from us in confidence.

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